Increasing Dark hours

I just read something about increasing darkness as he flowering develops. For instance 12/12 to start flowering, when he pistils show 10/14, a few weeks later 6/18. The article I was reading made i sound like common knowledge. Anyone ever heard of this or tried it?

Except in rare occasions, there’s no reason to go any less than 12/12. Remember - your plant thrives on light. There are a few strains (e.g. Malawi) that may need as little as 10 hours of daylight to induce flowering, but those are fairly rare and the breeder will/should make you aware of those special instances. For those that do require significantly less lighting to induce flowering, you can increase them back up to 12 hours after a few weeks of flowering and they will not revert to the vegetative state.
I suppose if you wanted to make the plant finish sooner and weren’t concerned about yield(Those last few weeks are when production really takes off), making a drastic change like 6 hours of light would probably do the job.

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