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Looking for input from all;; what are the preferences for topping vs filming. I understand one creates two shoots and the other more. But what do you think ? All knowledge from the growers is appreciated. thanks

This Purple Haze, like all of my plants, was topped once, then trained to the SCROG. There are about thirty “tops” (maybe more LOL). I have fimmed in the past but now I just remove the top three nodes when they have 7 or 8 nodes.


I’ve never FIMed and can’t really comment on it. I do top, and it’s great for doubling your mains each time you top. Recovery time is only a day, and the growth on the new mains happens pretty rapidly. It’s usually 10 days to 2 weeks for each topping for me, and that is topping at the 4th node each time.

If you do top, be sure to leave an inch of stump above the node so that you get a good strong knuckle developing as early as possible.


Recovery time on topping is only a day?

Seriously your saying you cut the top of the plant off and it’s sprung back in a day? You got some super powered plants

A drop of honey on the plant’s wound where you’ve topped really helps too. It prevents the stump from drying out and shriveling up.

Purple Haze excellent, how many plants there?

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Fimming does exactly the same thing as topping but has less recovery time

Fimming is a technique derived from topping, if it wasn’t for topping we wouldn’t have fimming.

Lower recovery time equals more time for growth

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That’s just one plant.


The photo shows part of one plant, there is another PH next to it and four other plants too.

They are all being prepped for harvest.

Thanks to all growers who pass along there knowledge and experiences making it easier for me… This hit for you

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Mine always do. Even the autoflower strains.

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Topping is cutting the main artery of the plant and making it reroute it’s nutrient lines to the next two lower branches which have to establish themselves as the new artery’s of the plant.

This takes time, usually within 4-5 days they have established the new path and moved necessary nutrients to show real growth from the high stress training the plant has received.

During fimming you are not destroying the artery of the plant just telling it something is eating it and it will rush nutrients to that area to protect itself. New growth and recovery from this high stress training is 2-3 days.

None of these techniques will recover in 24 hours from time of it occurring.

Everything we do with the plants is either tricking them they are dying to produce in a way we want, or making them as happy as possible to get the most growth we can from them.

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It wonder if you are topping your plants in the wrong location. Timing, age and nutrients are also factors. But, that is for a discussion in a different thread. I don’t want to sway too far from the thread owner’s questions.

@thecount13 this diagram may prove useful to you:


Also, here are some good articles for you to peruse:


Good point on the plant being from seed in the illustration. Plants from seed are symmetrical, and plants from clones are not.

Can any clone growers comments on these types of training?

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You can still top and FIM a clone @FlxerPower
Everyone is forgotten about low stress training and super cropping.
I prefer both of these methods above topping or FIM’ing.
I still get main colas, however the lower ones receive more light because I’ve trained it, or snapped the top over to get more light below. I’m going to start training better to reduce larf buds down below. LARF buds add time to harvesting, and never amount to much. @thecount13


The best takeaway from what @Covertgrower said is - there’s lots of different ways to grow and manipulate your plants. And different plants will benefit from different techniques, too. At the moment I’m growing some rather bushy strains, so I FIM and scrog them to get lots of branches and lots of light to them all. A smaller plant I might just top once.


Once again, the responses are truly what I wanted to hear, different ways to increase your yield. thanks again

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Great choice on the PH: I’m still digging on the one I did last year. Big producer too. GREAT daytime smoke.


I think many of us would agree that a photoperiod plant, selected as a heavy yielding strain is where you start. Have your setup optimized for cannabis growing. IMO I have seen higher growth rates in media like coco and Promix over soil, and hydro beats them all assuming it’s done correctly.

You might simply check off all of the individual tweaks that growers throw up at you. That should give you a bunch of meat to chew on lol.


I want to try this one day. Thinking about going and getting some PVC and getting started. How long does a grow take to fill up at 2x4 area?

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