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been a while since I have posted anything here, but I am looking to learn some new techniques for a bigger yield. I have been growing for a couple of years now and I can’t seem to get more than a couple oz at a time. here is a little bit about my setup:
VIVOSUN 60"x32"x80" Grow Tent
Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 350R 350W 120V LED Quantum Board Grow Light with Samsung LM301H
VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline FanFoxFarm FX14047 Happy Frog
7-gallon smart pots
Advances Nutrients
*Base Nutrients
pH Perfect® Sensi Grow & Bloom
(with a compliment of B-52, bud candy, Bud Ignitor, big bud, Voodoo Juice, Overdrive, Rhino Skin, Sensizym, Nirvana)
I am using FoxFarm FX14047 Happy Frog mixed with some good ole chicken poop this last grow.
I have tried topping, I have done the tie-down training, I have tried cropping (although I am not sure if I am doing that right) and I have just let them grow. I can’t seem to find the right method to increase my yield.
What recommendations do you all have to help me increase my yields? I just got done with some purple haze, that is currently drying, and I am looking at maybe starting a grow of Runtz Feminized in a few weeks. any advise, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Go with fem photo. Up the pot to 10 gallons. Veg the crap out of them with good training. Flip when happy with size. Sativa stretches…indica not so much. Hybrids can go both ways. Longer to harvest. 2lb plants. Add in some auto as carry through girls. They can take any light schedule and perform. Gives smaller keep you in weed plants till the monster you build harvests. That is my typical growstyle for big harvests. Just my way.



I use nothing but these products and grow in coco-coir and perlite.

These are what I grow.

I’ve no idea as to why you have only gotten small yeilds but I do know good yeilds can be pretty easy.
This maybe a situation where less is more, sometimes marketing gets the best of people and it hurts rather then helps.
Not saying that’s what’s happened, just that this does sonetimes happen :confused:

But a basic balanced npk nutrient, coco-coir mixed with 30-50% perlite and water daily with the simple npk nutrient at 5.8ph and as long as you give them light and keep the environment fairly stable, I guarantee that light will give you 16oz plus every time :+1:

2 of my lights are 300watt range and they are not HLG so yours is better then mine, but mine yeild 16oz regularly…


What’s the environment in your tent like? Maybe getting temperature and humidity right for different stages of growth will help. How big do your plants get? Maybe flipping them too soon.

Maybe a SCROG, screen of green, will work for you. Lots of good YouTube tutorials on scrogs out there.

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My yields increased when I switched from soil to coco Brother :love_you_gesture:


this last grow i went 6 weeks in veg, no training, just cropping the big fan leaves during bloom.

I see you crop a lot of lower branches. how do you decide have far down to go when you do that? I have noticed a lot of other growers do that too, and I couldn’t understand the why, and the how of it.

ok so those fo you growing in coco, is there a particular brand you use and I think I saw someone say that they do 30/50 ratio with perlite. is that the norm?

It’s called “lollipoping”, it gets rid of lower stuff that wouldn’t ever grow into nice big buds like the stuff more up top.
As for how much, its trial and error really but people say, “lollipoping is removing the lower ⅓ of the plant”

I use the cheapest coco-coir bricks i can find on Amazon. And same with perlite, i just get whatever is cheapest, I like big chunky perlite so i tend to get “super course” or “course”, but any will work.

And 30%-50% perlite with 70%-50% coco-coir.
I use about half and half, maybe a little more coco-coir then perlite but it’s pretty close to 50/50 for me.

Fox farms makes a good premixed coco-coir.
It’s called " Cultivation nation 70/30".
The pre mix is ready to go.
The cheap bricks needs to be “buffed”.
To buff mine, i mix up some water with cal-mag around 150ppm or so and use that to expand the coco-coir.

Im off to work now but it’s alot easier then i may sound :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, I appreciate the info, I am going to research lollipoping. I like how yours looks, it’s got really good bud on it. I thought my last grow was one of my best, but I messed up somewhere cause I got seeds galore, never had that before, so I need to reanalyze what I did and not do it again.

I have been planting in soil since I started a few years ago, but I think I am going to make the switch to coco. I like the nuts I use, but not sure how it will do with the coco. they have a coco line, but I am cheap and don’t want to buy all new nuts when I have nuts.

Thank you again for the info.

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Some times seeds just happen, you can learn what to watch for so you catch it and a lot of times it can be stopped but sometimes it just can’t.
Google “anatomy of cannabis” and “cannabis hermaphrodite” and you’ll see exactly what you’re looking for.
What nutrients do you have already?
More then likely it will work just fine if it’s a synthetic base nutrient and not an organic slow release type of nutrients…

Advances Nutrients
*Base Nutrients
pH Perfect® Sensi Grow & Bloom
(with a compliment of B-52, bud candy, Bud Ignitor, big bud, Voodoo Juice, Overdrive, Rhino Skin, Sensizym, Nirvana)

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Yeah those nutrients will work with coco-coir.

I will say though, you said you like to be cheap and I do also.
I hate spending anything I don’t have to :sweat_smile:

Advanced nutrients is one of the most expensive nutrients lines. They split everything up into so many bottles and add catchy names and pictures and make it seem like this is the way it should be.

But it’s all marketing to get us to spend more money…

Obviously use what you have, but if it was me, when I ran out I would go with General Hydroponics Maxi series or Flora series (trio) or Jacks 321.

If you look at what’s in all the multiple bottles of the Advanced line, it’s all the same stuff that’s in any well balanced supplemental nutrient. Advanced and many other “fancy” nutrient lines make things over complicated and expensive.
And alot of times this creates issues and then we buy another product thinking we need it to fix the issue, keeping the cycle going :confused:

But in reality, its just to much going on makeing it hard to know what we are doing :sweat_smile:

The Rhino skin is a silica add on and that isn’t in GH or jacks. But I do use silica blast by Botanicare sometimes. Other then that, these base nutrients has everything the plants need…

I looked at Jacks recently and I couldn’t make out which or what I needed. I read all the time that advanced is over price, I must be buy it somewhere cheap cause its not that expensive to me. I do hate they split it all up like they do but I have been using them for nearly 3 years. I think switching to coco will be my first step. After that if I don’t see any difference then I am going to start researching nutrients again. I think alot of my issues are me, and I have to change the way I am doing things. I am going to try my hand at lollipopping and switch to coco. have you ever grown Runtz.


Growing runts now in soil and jacks for tap
At first I was understanding why they’re called runtz. Now they are anything but. Huge plants
Jacks 321 is for ro water. I use jacks for tap at 5-1
They stated their cost is .01-.03 cents per gallon of mixed nutrients. I believe that is correct.


June 20th vs July 21st

Runtz in the front left

nice! how long have they been in veg?
I have been on jacks page for a couple of days trying to figure out what’s what. is there a veg part and then a bloom part or is it the same for the entire grow?

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I got the kit called city limits. You can send them a water sample and they will send you a recommendation on which product use.

I follow this recipe exactly.
Runts are still in veg. White widow autos in the back. The yellow looking one has been banished to the outdoors.
My thinking was run autos because they will flower in any light cycle, then clone the runtz for a perpetual grow going into the fall.
Easier said than done considering I’ve had to travel out of town unexpectedly on 3 occasions for over a week at a time. And I’ve been unlucky with different phenotypes.


do you have to use any ph supplements to either raise or lower your ph?

When I use the grow,
My well water comes out to 6.2 every time and stays there for days.
When I use rain water the ph come out below 5 and I adjust with GH ph up. Only requires drops per 4 gallons. It will drift back down some after a few days.

When mixing the bloom
Well water comes out a little higher
I use GH ph down and will require 1-1/2 to 2 mg per 4 gallons.

The solution stays clear with jacks also. Other nutes I’ve used have gotten cloudy with a film on top after one day

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