íncrease thc content

A question from a fellow grower:

I was curious if there was something that I can do or put on my plants to increase the thc content, above what is said to be maximum for the particular strain. Not that I am wanting to use it, but Ive read about chemically altered plants by some using who
knows what chemical compound to do it. Im just curious as to the validity and safety of the use of such things.

If you want to get higher thc then go with a high yielding plant and make shatter or go with genetically modified seeds like Jedi Death Star there are strains with 50% and higher thc. Adding chemicals to your weed you may as well be smoking meth since it isn’t thc you are getting it’s a mixture of chemicals

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If want thc increase use carb’s and essential oil’s which in flower stage and different N -P’s when in early, middle, and late flower stages