Increase temperature in tent

Hi all, I recently purchased a 2x2 mars hydro tent w/1000w ts led. Where I have it setup it’s cool around 60F degrees. As a test I have been running as though I have plants in to check temps and humidity without exhaust running or flaps open and the tent Temps are 62F inside and about 45%rh. This is my first indoor grow and starting small till I am comfortable. I have had 4 runs outdoor and wife started to get super paranoid by October and shut me down for doing it again :upside_down_face: I have been searching for lighting schedules for automatics and saw 18-6 as the way to go. That being said, I had thought of putting an incandescent light in for added heat humidity in the area usually runs 60% so I will open the flaps and check again.
Am I correct for running 18-6 for auto’s? Any suggestions for increasing Temps? If humidity stays low I’ll add a small humidifier.

18/6 is fine for the lifecycle of auto plants.

I run my grows between 60F and 70F during the colder winter months with good success. If you do want to increase temps then you might consider a small space heater with a couple of fans to keep the temps throughout the tent more even.


Thank you. I might have a small heater to try. I do have a fan. If I could find one with temp control would be beneficial. I’m curious now if, a fluctuation in heat say I run a 100w incandescent bulb on same light schedule, would dissipate heat by light on.

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Welcome to the community ! They make a ceramic light bulb for reptiles basically made to put off heat. I have not used one but it might be a possibility to put it on the same light schedule to increase temperature. just my thoughts good luck.

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Yup sounds like a decent plan.

You may also want to consider tryna warm up the air being intaken by the tent. Maybe set up the small heater where the air intake is? Would help raise the temps more stably if the outside air was warm. But 60-70 is fine. May veg a tad slower but theyll live


Thank you everyone. I may get a heater near the intake. Reptile bulbs are $$ about the same as a small heater and I like putting it near the intake (not inside) the tent. I’ll also check on bulb im not ruling it out. Would the light output of the heat bulb (red light) effect bloom?


If it is intense enough. Would take a pretty strong light bulb tho. Just dont run it at lights off

Just bought a small ceramic heater with temp control. I’m looking to keep it around 75F. The thermostat in it should shut down and startup at that temp maybe fluctuate ±3. I’m running a test before I make run. Again, I’m new to indoor and new to autos after a few grows maybe ill look at growing photos.
Thanks everyone. I’ll be a regular in the indoor group for while.