Increase PH as seedling is wilting

From a fellow grower: how I can raise the ph level in my soil. I tested it and I’m in the 2-3 range can anyone help? This morning I found the seedling I just wrote y’all about drooped over with its top touching the dirt and that’s what caused me to test the ph and found it to be just a hair above 2

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Remove, put into a water bubbler system. Get soil for growing plants your trying to grow. Fox farm light warrior and place seedling in.Water with PhD water

Best of luck

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My first thought if you’re watering in seedlings enough to get a runoff to check pH you probably watering way too much. What are you using to check pH . Just curious that’s very low ph.

test your tester- just yesturday I have 2 seedling looken good but my PH tester said 7.2 Im using coca-coir and bunny poo.PH shoud read 6.2-6.8 I got 2 pint jars put 1 tea spoon baken soda in one .1oz vineger in the other tested my tester PH moved very little got another tester big swing. be sure of your equipment.Hope this helps

Note: Blood Meal, Dried Blood, Guanos, Kelp Meal, Cotton Seed Meal, Peat Moss,
Sulfur and fish meal are all acidic and can bring your ph down, so if you add
these please monitor your ph when using those.

Note: Bone Meal, Rock Phosphate, Wood Ashes pretty much all ashes, Shellfish
Compost and Crab Meal are all alkaline and can make your ph go up, so if you
add any of these please monitor your ph.

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