Increase marijuana bud size


A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve been growing four years now and still have not achieved the desired bud size on my plants.
My flowering setup is Hydro/Aeroponic, 600W Hps, CO2 from Tnb Naturals.

Does CO2 levels increase bud size?
Does humidity increase bud size?
Does micro nutrient increase size?

My nutrient solution is at 1400ppm pH 5.9

Veg room is 400W mhd aquaponic. This room is in a brand new 5x9 gorilla tent and will be the flowering room from now on.

I need to find out how to get the buds fat a sticky. I’m thinking mu humidity anf co2 could be the problem.

Would appreciate some tips


It would help if you gave us the ppm of the Co2, and the humidity % that you are working with.