Increase lighting

Hi was wondering i had 12 plants indoors was doing 16 hr lighting with Mars hydro 225 the ladies are 6 weeks old i just put some outside with supplemental lighting so they have 16 still now the ones inside 5 plants lemon diesel fem can i add 4 more hrs 2 longer then 2 earlier went from 4 am to 8 pm now i want 2am to 10 pm will that mess them up I’ve topped 2 of the 5 3 days ago i don’t want to flower for at least 3 more weeks they are 24 inches tall

You’re good to go. Veg plants won’t care if you increase their light. You may be wasting electricity though.

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Why Is that this is my first grow and it’s a learning experience I’m not worried about hurting either the quality or quaintly but not both lol and saving money on electricity is very important to me also. And thank you by the way

Quick question on increasing light schedule. I have white widow photos that are nearing the chop. But I also have gsc autos in the same tent. I have been running lights 12/12 for the photos but can I go to 18/6 once the photos are out? The gsc autos are in week 8 of flower. Not sure if its even worth it… thanks rza!

The autos won’t care, but like stated above:

If the plants are receiving their Daily Light Integral (DLI) in 12 hours, there is not really much benefit to running lights longer as stated. Not really knowing how much light is hitting plants it’s hard to say.


Thank you @Myfriendis410!

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