Increase light after flowering started

Question from a fellow grower:

I want to know can I increase the light time after a plant has started flowering, what will happen if I do that?

The plant could revert back to its veg phase, thus stopping the flowering process.


If you are thinking increased yield then you want to increase intensity…not time.
If you are wanting to add more plants perhaps grow autoflowers along with the photos as they do not need 18/6 to do their thing. Or find a suitable space to veg new plants that wont leak light to your flowering space.


Yup. This is the trick. If ur girls are on 12-12 and u add more light time. Say 14-10 or 16/8? Ur gonna revert her to veg.

If u increase light intensity (turning it up or adding more lights) ull be doing the right thing and adding to bud development. More photosynthesis equals more growth