Inch By Inch... Grow By Grow. (ILGM White Widow Fem)


I’ll have the Oompa Loompas give that a whirl. Thanks @blackthumbbetty.


Just never use DE during bloom, at least not on your plants.


Trouble with FIM… I think.

Day 40. 26 Days in Veg.

The fimmed leaves look funky, as I expected them to. But it doesn’t appear that I have four, or even two, new main stems growing from the FIM. (The leaves have some diatomaceous earth on them, that I’d applied to get rid of some little flying critters… and the DE just seems to stick around.)

This FIM is now two weeks old. I expected more growth than this. @merlin44, what was your experience?

In comparison, the main stems of these week-old toppings are easily twice as tall.

@raustin, does it sound about right to be watering every other day, about a liter per plant (26 days into veg)? I don’t want to over water, but this is about what my plants seem to be asking for. :thinking:


If that’s what your plants are telling you, then do what they want, just make sure the soil has a chance to dry out between waterings.

As for the fim, I think it’s still too early to tell if it worked, so be patient.


Okeedoke. Thanks, as always, @raustin.

According to my water meter (not sure how accurate those things really are) my plants are already dry this afternoon, after watering yesterday morning. I think I’ll give them another drink tomorrow, but might hold them off until noon-ish, at least, just to let them dry out a bit more. They’ll still have 12 hours of light while they soak it up.


If she’s that thirsty, then I think it’s time to transplant to a bigger pot.


I agree with raustin on that.
Just want to point out, as long as your leaves don’t look wilty and droopy after watering, then you’re doing alright. I usually allow my plants to look wilty and dry in need of water to ensure root growth to seal water.


Thanks @Covertgrower. I’ll see if I can hold them off until tomorrow for their next watering.

@raustin & @Covertgrower: The plants are in 3-gallon SmartPots, and I was really hoping to keep them in these through flower. I know that they won’t be huge bushes, but my tent is pretty small… and I worry about messing them up during transplant. They are currently all between 10" and 14" tall. Do you really think they need bigger homes?


Day 41. 27 Days in Veg.

Keeping up with the Weekly Class Photos…


They look good man. I know its seems super slow. Thats why people don’t encourage topping or fimming autos. But itll pay off shortly (hopefully :joy::wink:)


They look good. Sorry, I didn’t realize these were autos, and you wouldn’t want to transplant autos.


They are not autos. They are feminized.


My bad. Wasnt saying they were. Just a ‘for reference’. That slowdown on a time bomb would be detrimental. Luckily u got photos thus u got time


Oh, so they’re not autos. Lol. Then I would definitely transplant them into 5 gallons, 3 gallons isn’t big enough for photos.


Sigh. I thought that 3-gallons was going to be big enough. Ugh. Live and learn. I guess I have a shopping trip ahead of me. I’ll see if I can get 5-gallon smart pots at the local garden store today.


Im sorry, but honestly, it’s better to deal with this now than when they go into flower.


You can get a 5-6 pack of fabric pots off Amazon for like $10-15 for the 5 gallon ones :v:


I hear ya. And I believe you…and generally want to do this right. So I’m about to head into town. @MattyBear, I know that these are cheaper on Amazon than if I buy them locally, but I like to support my local businesses when I can, and I’d like to transplant these today, since it’s a weekend day, and my plants need water today anyway. :crazy_face: There’s always something…


Nothing wrong with that, just giving you another option :v:


Okay… With help from my wife, three of the four plants have been up-potted to 5-gallon pots. (There were only three fabric pots in town [it’s a small town]). The smallest plant will have to wait, but I think she’ll be fine, doing so. Thanks team!
@raustin, @MattyBear, @PurpNGold74, @Covertgrower