Inch By Inch... Grow By Grow. (ILGM White Widow Fem)

Good day Folks. @anon95385719: I just ordered some food-grade DE from Amazon. Do you recommend that I apply it before or after watering? (It looks like it might be arriving on watering day.)

After you water.
It should come with a duster also
If it were my girl I’d dust her also, focusing on underside of the leaves. Along with the aforementioned top dressing

Thanks @Nug-bug. The DE I ordered did not come with a duster. (The duster was an extra $10.) If you, or anyone, has tips for application to foliage, aside from a $10 duster, I’d be happy to hear them! :grin:


I use an empty Parmesan cheese shaker or spice jar. I’m thrifty & like recycling and upcycling :blush:


Great idea! Thanks @SmoknGranny. I’ll look for something along those lines in the kitchen.

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@dbrn32: I have a lighting question for you. (Shocker, I know…). My tent isn’t terribly tall, and my qb light is currently hoisted up about as far as it will go, and is just 20.5" above the canopy of my tallest plant at this point… which is only about an inch taller than the others.

The light is sitting just 15" above the scrog net, in the picture below, which is located just 16" above the soil of my pots. I will lower the net four inches or so, before I start training the plants.

Can I adjust the hanging wires by clipping them kitty-corner, essentially only needing to use two, instead of four (though I’ll overlap them and use four anyway), and thus shortening the suspension so I can hang it closer to the ceiling, or would that be problematic, somehow? (BTW, I just ordered another qb to replace that p.o.s. Amazon light that is currently hanging next to the qb. - I’ll use the Amazon light for keeping plants in veg, while others are flowering in this tent.)


Sure can, do stuff like that all the time. The only thing you have to do is give it a little tweak or two to get the light level. It won’t naturally just go level like the way hangers are being used now.


Excellent. Thanks, @dbrn32. Yeah, I know I’ll have to do something to keep the light level, but I’m glad to hear I can raise it!


In a 2x4 tent with that light, you will have a successful harvest, just not as big as it could be. I harvested 4 oz of the dankest bud off of 2 plants, which isn’t a windfall, but I count it as successful.


HELP. Sending up a red flare!

Does anyone recognize this problem with my foliage?.. chloroplasts dying out? Thanks for any tips!

Growing in FoxFarms Ocean Forest, no nutes yet, but the plants have been exhibiting signs of note burn just from the soil this past week, so I don’t think that they are lacking for nutes in general. But something is wrong.

@blackthumbbetty, @raustin, @anon95385719, @Covertgrower, @Bogleg @Donaldj

Have you been ph’n? And how old are thd girls?

I am terrible at diagnosing but @raustin and @Donaldj are great at it


I have never seen anything like that before. How’s your Ph?

@WonkaMan I suspect you may have splashed her with the nutrient solution. Any other leaves look like that?


Ahhhh. See. :brain: :nerd_face:

I haven’t watered to run-off, so I can’t tell you about that, but going-in, the water has been at 6.7. They were thirsty last night, and a little bit droopy this morning, so I watered them this morning. I forgot to check the PPM, but it was distilled water (0.5 gallons) with 3 ml of Photosynthesisi Plus and two drops of PH-Up, so the PPM couldn’t have been too high. :thinking:

I haven’t used any nutes on them, so it wasn’t splash. There are a few leaves on two plants that look like this, and they are lower-growth leaves. Curious… and not in a good way.

:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: tag more people! :joy::joy:

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@WonkaMan Since you haven’t given any nutrients, I’m going to say she’s just starting to show nitrogen deficiency. It starts with the lower leaves first. They’re old enough and large enough to be fed.