In Your Opinion.....How Much Longer

Hey Everyone…
I lost track of time… and don’t wanna jump the gun so to speak…
I names my ladies so…
First 2 photos are from “Beth”…
The next 2 are “Denise”
They are both Sour Diesel AutoFem

If you had to guess…how much longer till “It’s Time” cause I have 2 more starting to flower this week and would love to make room for them and the “others” (white russiand) that are not autos… never grew anything but autos and I would like to see how big the “others” get and I think imma gonna need all the room I can give em’ in my 3 x 3 tent


SingleShot0002 SingleShot0003 ![SingleShot0004|640x480]

DENISESingleShot0005 SingleShot0007


Seeing just a little cloudiness and just a hint of amber. Just a guess from a newbie but I would say down to couple weeks for early “window”. Can adjust for preference as to level of sedation effect.
ie: older = more amber = more sedating.

ps, nice hints of purple in there :yum:

I’m mostly on seeing surgar leaves and one pistil. The leaves mean absolutely nothing. That pistil is 100% clear. You have a ways to go friend. Always go by the buds, not the surgar leaves.
Unless those are the buds, in which case so loose it looks like leaves. Long way to go.


Beth and Denise but where’s de’nephew. Lol

have you been sampling the goods?

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That’s like 80 % white -10 brown -10 clear

updated photos… a little less zoom … see there

are buds


April 24th


Very nice coloring. I am jealous :green_heart:
Lots of white pistils there. She is still bulking up I think. Your patience will be rewarded but not just yet. Couple more weeks at least.

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thx for the comments… i guess i get anxious and don’t have the patience to wait…
thanks for the WOAH BOY slow down input

I have 2 more behind this one ( bruce banner auto/fems) and a blue dream auto/fem) and then another 3 after that ( white russian photos)…I staged them 3 weeks apart as to not overwhelm myself all at once

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