In week 8 and 10 with my SSH

I have eight, four in 2gal smart pots an four in 5gal smart pots. The 2gals have been on 10 weeks of 12/12 today and 8 weeks of 12/12 for the 5gals. I know it says in the seed bank that Super silver haze finishes at 65 days and I’m a few weeks over that for the 2gals. Almost every plant is growing roots out of the bottom of the smart pots even the 5gals. I was hoping some of you guys who have had experience with SSH if yall could let me know how yours turned out as far as timing in flowering, and rooting problems such as them growing crazy like that, and when the buds starting filling out.

First of all you must count Pre-flower times and then flower time , many do not know this. Pre-flower time is the time that it takes the plant to develope bud sites after switching to 12/12 - which takes generally 7 days (pre-flower time 1-2 weeks) then start flower times, and Haze is a dominate Sativa strain and will take longer than 8 weeks maybe 10 weeks

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