In the planning stage for my first grow room

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this site and wanted to put this out for comments. I have what my wife and I call “The Bomb Shelter” in our basement. It’s a 6.5’ X 7.5’ concrete block room with a concrete ceiling that’s only 6’ high. I plan on painting the block walls and ceiling white. The back side of the room is about 10’ from the back of the house where I can run the exhaust and fresh air vents. Aside from lighting, ventilation, heating, and humidity, any other things I should be concerned about with a room like that? Thanks

Any power outlets or are you going to have to run cords

And ph up an ph down would come in handy

Maybe 4, 600 watt hps systems…50 watts/sq ft. Lots of electricity.
Water easy for that size room?

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Depends on how many you put in that space leave you enough room to work between your girls are you running dirt or hydro

sounds like you are on the right track.
being a basement and all, i would worry about dampness and the bugs it brings. but that is something that is manageable. if you keep it clean and dry i suppose.

with only 6’ height, you are probably going to need to do to some sort of training.
lights will take up a good foot or so at least. there are several methods to train your plant and limit its height,…while promoting vigorous growth.

good luck.

Paint it with silvercoat the stuff for rooftops… it’s super reflective and all you have to is paint it up :grin:

@kabongster what would you recommend for a 5x5 veg tent? And what would you recommend for a 5x5 flower tent? Just curious

@elgeo I also use a basement area to grow in. I actually love it, because of how my setup is, the temps are always consistent, as well as the humidity levels. Not all basements are the same obviously, but they definitely work and can be used. The space you have is more than enough to grow, and if you wanted you could try to set it up so half the room was for veg and the other half would be for flower. It’s really up to you how you want to have your setup! My ceiling is only 6’8", but with correct training your plants can still have huge yields. Training is one of my favorite things to do with my plants. But I’m a true pot head, so I love any time I’m spending with my plants. :sunglasses: Just make sure you have a couple humidity monitors around the room, as well as fans that circulate the air and you should be good!

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I built my own grow tent, starting with my needs, what I could afford for lighting, and area available.
I have massive needs, a whole cellar, but only enough money for one hps/mh set up, 600 watt.

I bought 1 roll of mylar, 4’ x 50’…$28, Amazon
1 white, waterproof tarp 10’ x 20’…$20, Amazon
1 roll black plastic 10’ x 25’…$11,Lowe’s
6" flexible venting…$20,Lowe’s
Lots of tape

I don’t know your finances, but mine were better spent on seeds and nutrients than a reflective walled tent, ILGM’s seeds and nutrients in fact.

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Haha @kabongster that’s EXACTLY what I did as well. I built my own veg tent and flower tent. But now I’m making a new veg tent because I just bought another 600w fixture. I already have a 600w HPS in my flower tent, but I got one for my veg tent too now, 600w MH. I also purchased good nutrients and seeds first, because I knew that’s where the real money needed to be spent for quality buds to grow. Everything else I try to spend the least amount of money as possible, but still get quality items for my grow. But both tents are only 5x5, so I just wanted to see if my 600w fixtures were good for this size tent?

I use these an I have a topic on my grow with pics from week 2 an on an they look good

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this is week two of my hydro

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this is week four of my dirt grow


I was actually just looking at them at Home Depot earlier today. How are they? I was SO curious when I was checking them out, but didn’t know anything about their light output or how well they work for weed. What’s your thread, I’d love to look at it.

My first real grow

An so far I think they do great for the price

It’s not Sunday but seek peek for today Sunday being week 6 from coming to surface she’s 2 foot


What type of fixture of you using with those bulbs? And how many per plant? Could I see your setup?

I use the numbers used on this site…50 watts per square foot.
5’ x 5’ is 25 square feet times 50 watts is 1250 watts needed.

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