In the grow again! ilgm blueberry and ak-47 autos


I will look forward to and follow your grow with interest, my fisherman friend :wink::fishing_pole_and_fish:


i’m really going to try to produce some serious buds @Niala…some BOM material…lol
i have the equipment,the knowledge that folks like you share with me,and great genetics from ilgm…
i’m ready,i’m ready,i’m ready!


Lol :grinning: I have no doubt that you are gone a succeed @BIGE​:grinning:


I’ve got some to get me by now so absolutely no pressure… lol


Nice @BIGE I’ll be watching the grow brother :+1::cowboy_hat_face: John


Looking good and full in there! Nice job @BIGE :+1:


Is that only ONE plant @BIGE ? If that’s only one plant she is HUGE and very beautiful !!


yes,it’s just one…she really needs more room to grow! lol


Yup low man again…LMAO !

Looking great @BIGE i’m just kidding with ya.
Got to keep up with Bob31 lol



thanks will! i may not win BOM, @garrigan62, but i’m going to get high trying!! lol



Too funny Bro!


You got the spirit that’s for sure…lol



the competition is tough around here @Rugar89…i’m just trying to keep it real…lol
maybe one day!


Its all in good fun. And as long as your having fun, that’s all that matters.


looks as if i will be transplanting sooner than expected,these autos are pretty quick out of the hole! lol
going with 3-4 gal growing medium in 5gal pots…
a bit of superthrive and water and off to the ‘‘big top’’ tent lol


Lol, they will be happy and so are you :laughing::grinning::wink: @BIGE


yes @Niala,this will be good for all involved…lol


@BIGE your not doing any photos this run brother ?
I’m getting close to harvest one tent comes down this coming weekend and second a week or two behind that :+1: Woohoo
I think I’m going to be dropping a few beans maybe next week :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face: Talk soon brother happy growing
Your friend John


yea,i hate to over photo…lol if there is such a thing…lol
you’re going to be busy my friend…
the grow must go on!


Yeah but I like this type of busy brother
Hahaha and yes the grow must go on
Weather still kicking your butt down there it’s been all over the dam place here