In Spain starting a 4 plant grow need help / where

I will post pictures soon.
And is there a app for this so it’s a bit easier.
And is it even worth it to start a grow in the end of October?


First welcome to the forum. Im not sure about your climate so I cant say I’m sure someone with the knowledge will come along to help. But I do know if you’re doing indoor you’re good. :sunglasses:


I’m not an outdoor grower and halfway around the world from you, so doubtful I can help much. Just wanted to drop by and welcome you to the forum!


Welcome @Edan this is a great forum. ANY question at all, throw it out there and you WILL get a response. What is your latitude? Take it you grow inside? What is your experience?


Welcome to the forum @Edan. Halfway around the world myself… but i take it ur going into winter? Cannabis doesnt like temps below 45… so if you dont have a greenhouse or some way to keep it warm… id think your a bit late in the season. Perhaps u could grow indoors?

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Hey @Edan just checked your latitude. Youre around 40°S in Spain, right? Im in Boston,MA…USA Im at around 40°N. You can grow ANYTHING we can grow here outside well. Do you grow indoor or out…or both. Just wondering…:v::sunglasses: