In Search Of....Tutankhamun!


I’d flip, you’re running out of room side to side. I would tuck them again (openings on left and right closseset to tent walls) and anything you can move under and toward the front will be good too especially on the right side. The front left will come up pretty well like they are! Hope that helps? @SilentHippie



The front plant is only barely into the screen. I’m hoping for some stretch after the flip to fill it up the rest of the way. I’ve got tops in all of the back holes and have been working the back plants forward. I just fed them yesterday and it seems like they’ve taken off in the last 36 hours. I think we’ll flip tomorrow morning. :sunglasses:


I didn’t realize they were all different. Duh… Put some bricks or something under them to bring them up to the screen if need be, but i think they will be fine there. I love SCROGs btw I am a believer! @SilentHippie



The back right and front one are Tutankhamon. Back left is northern lights. The Tuts are the same age. The NL is 1 week younger. I can’t believe how different the two tuts are! The front has been raised 2 1/2 inches. Her nodes are super tight and the plant is so dense that she’s been defoliated a couple times already.


OMG! The light bulb just went on for me too! Thank you @SilentHippie for asking these questions and @bob31 for “splaining” so my thick head finally got it. I was feeling like a big dope that I just wasn’t getting it (like it was some kind of secret formula that I couldn’t understand).


Nile Expedition Day 68:

Greetings from the Valley of the Kings! Our lovely ladies say “Ahlan!"

A couple things of note in the last week.

I was unsure about when to start flowering nutrients so decided on this strategy.
9 days ago, I fed them “Late Stage” veg nutrients (GH FloraDuo).
2 days later, the girls looked good so I switched to 12/12.
Yesterday, I fed them “Week 1 Flower” nutrients. We’ve been on 12/12 for 7 days now.
My theory is this (I may be off base on this but it makes sense to me): I’ve seen people have issues when switching from veg to flower and I felt like if I introduced the changes in lighting and nutrients in stages, I could reduce stress and possibly avoid some potential problems.

The girls haven’t missed a beat and the stretch is on!

My screen has 120 holes in it and all but the front corners have tops in them. I think the stretch should max it out. There might even be a few white hairs showing on the Northern Lights but it might just be wishful thinking lol. I have Scrog netting to support the buds that will go up in a bit. A little guidance on how high I should put it would be most welcomed.

The Mars Hydro 600s are getting plenty of penetration but watering was becoming an issue so I lollipopped all 3 of them a bit to get better access.

Hint: When you read about single plant Scrog, do It. Getting on the floor and reaching into the back is a pain in multiple of my places. Being able to pull them out and work on them is so much easier.

Just for the hell of it, here’s the LST on Nefertitti. She’s finally starting to stretch out a little, probably because I’ve stopped messing with her.

Well folks, that’s another exciting week in our search for Tutankhamun! Thanks for reading, feel free to comment and as always :peace_symbol:&:green_heart:


looking good @SilentHippie, being a fellow buckeye, I feel the need to try some of that when it is done to be sure we are living up the same standards we expect from our football team :sunglasses:



I O!

I get choked up every time. @Ron330 you betcha. Big 10 bud. The new strain!


Awesome growing @SilentHippie keep up the great work.


@SilentHippie Nile Expedition Day 68 haha your a history major in cannabis :+1::v:️That scrog looks awesome :clap:


Egyptian Adventure day 81:

Good morning folks. It’s been a couple weeks since our last visit. A quick rundown on the last few weeks.

I switched to 12/12 almost 3 weeks ago. The 3 ladies have been fed flower nutrients 3 times now and are responding great. Stretch is over and filled out the Scrog a little better.

I’ve continued a feed, water, feed, water schedule throughout this grow and have only needed to feed on Mondays, water on Thursdays. Twice a week to runoff has served us very well from the beginning. Not only did it prevent me from over watering but I believe the girls have got just the right amount of dry and wet time. They are definitely drinking more each time though. This morning’s feeding took 5 gallons of water to get runoff from 3x5 gallon pots.

Aurora (NL) is flowering faster than the Tuts. Her buds are fattening up every day and she’s just now starting to show a little frost on the bigger colas.

Actually the bud in the background is a bit bigger.

Ank is budding nicely also. The Tutankhamun’s pistls are a creamy white color whereas the Northern Light’s pistils are bright white. She’s a little behind Aurora but I’m attributing it to the NL being a faster flower and also the Tut’s slight Sativa dominance.

Nef’s going to be the lowest yielding plant. Somewhere along the line, I’ve managed to stunt her growth and she never really recovered. She’s flowering but not nearly as quickly and she doesn’t have near as many tops. She still looks healthy, she’s just small. I would have bet, when I planted them, that she would have been biggest because she was the biggest seed and sprouted first but there ya go.

I’m starting to get excited again for harvest! I’m seeing growth and bud development every day and I know we’re getting closer. For the first couple weeks after flipping, they really didn’t do much while transitioning.
I did some pruning under the canopy a couple days ago. I took some of the lower, underdeveloped buds off that weren’t getting enough light and this morning sparked them up. While the flavor, and aroma wasn’t there, in fact it was pretty harsh, the buzz is pleasant. If this is any indication of the final product, I’m in for some decent smoke.

I’m so impressed with my results that over the weekend I bought the Platinum Mix Pack so I’ve got more beans on the way!

I’ll say it again, thanks to all for your help and guidance. I couldn’t be this far without this forum and all the credit goes to you folks. I’m just following instructions and asking questions. :+1::sunglasses:

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment or just say hi. Have a great day and happy growing!
:peace_symbol: & :green_heart:


@SilentHippie that is one happy garden! Keep up the great work!


You’re an inspiration for me and other beginners :+1: And will you be traveling the Amazon on the next grow?


Doing a great job they really took off after you put them into the cloth pots


Im not sure. I have gold leaf, super silver haze and purple haze on the way. I’m pretty set on how I want to grow, just not sure which one.


Heck at least you made a decision on which seeds! I’m still trying to figure out what to grow outside this Spring :thinking:


Just start one from each strain @SilentHippie. :wink:
Buy a mix pack @SmoknGranny.
Problem solved


Now one, you just can’t rush an old Southern Belle. Two, I need a Custom Mix pact :rofl:


I will love to see a customized pack… This way you can buy 1-2 seeds and test every strain…but sadly this will not exist


Yep. That’s part of the dilemma. That & cash flow :slightly_smiling_face: