In Search Of....Tutankhamun!



Oh and by the way, thanks again for the recommendation on the Mars Hydro 600s. Not only are they working great,but they look just like my no name 300 watters only bigger. The wifey didn’t know I bought them and doesn’t notice the difference! :sushing_face:


Hahaha! No problem, glad you’re happy with them.


What was the TDS measurement of the nutrient mix? @SilentHippie Which nutrients are you feeding? Is it the GH Flora and are you following the recommendations on the feeding chart?


Ugh. I didn’t check PPM going in. I’m using FloraDuo and I am using the feeding chart. I used the “early veg” dosage to see how they reacted and so far they seem to be fine. I plan on “late veg” next week which is where I probably should be but the FFOF has done so well up to now that I didn’t want to fix what isn’t broken.


ok, no worries. The reason we check the TDS is so that we can see how much the plant is using. So no harm done, next feeding check in before as well.

Are you using the drain to waste chart? @SilentHippie



Oops that’s the wrong one but I’m using the drain to waste chart for floraduo


ok thats fine the DTW is the one to use lol @SilentHippie tag me on the next feeding so we can talk about those TDS numbers


You’re using FloraDuo too? How do you like it?


I used it on my first grow. It worked fine. Got the job done with good results @SilentHippie When I ran out I switched to FF Nutrients, but I’m still just seeing which is the best and checking others too. I have Nectar For The Gods as well.


I’m still leaning towards a Kind Soil grow for my next one but that’s a ways down the road.


When you get closer to considering the Kind Soil, tag me and I’d be interested and reviewing it with you! @SilentHippie


Egyptian Trek Day 60:

Happy Birthday to our girls! We’re 2 months into our journey and I can’t believe we’ve made it this far.
Thanks to all the brave adventurers that have joined us on our trek.

The girls responded well to their first true feeding last week and I fed them again this morning. Ph’d water to 6.7 and runoff was 6.5 (Ank), 6.6 (Aur), & 6.7(Nef). I’ll probably flip to flower in the next week.

The Scrog screen is about 75% full and I’ve spent the last week tucking bud sites. The back half has a bud site in just about every opening. The front half is where Nef is. I’ve raised her 2 1/2 inches to get her even with the others but she seems like she’s just stopped growing and is not really into the screen. I didn’t see any problems with her other than her sheer density and I was worried she wasn’t getting enough airflow into her canopy. I posted in another thread that Mother Nature doesn’t prune her plants and I was trying to adhere to that philosophy but in frustration, I took some foliage from underneath her.

This will be an interesting comparison to see which method works better as I really haven’t taken much off of the other two. Their canopies are open enough that they haven’t really needed any serious trimming.

Of course, while trimming Nef, I noticed some of my prunings had “clone” potential I started another experiment.

I’m not sure what to do with these if they do survive. I only have 1 tent and I’m not sure if the timing will be right to continue with them but this was more of a “see if I can do it” sort of thing. If it turns out a success, I’m sure we can come up with something. Maybe another tent? :thinking:

Once again, thanks for joining me and feel free to comment.

Next stop FLOWER! :blossom:



Looks great!



As per your request on the ppms. I fed the girls with distilled water, “late growth” feeding base nutrients, rapidstart, and cal/ mag. Ph’d to 6.7 after adding nutrients.

Ppm going in was 450. Coming out was around 875. The ppm range says 750-1000 for this week but I’m unsure if that’s going in or coming out. If it’s coming out, we’re spot on.


That means 450 from nutes and 425 is still in the soil. Perfect ppm! @SilentHippie


I’m still a little confused. Do I need to be around 425 all the time? I see the math and how we got 425 but if my runoff was 875, wouldn’t my soil be at 875? My feeding chart says 750-1000 so that is runoff measurement?


so here is the deal

We are looking for total ppm. so it is what ever is in your nute mix plus whatever is in your soil is added together.

your TDS ppm in your soil will most likely continue to go down as the nutrients are used up.

I would go with the same mix next time as well.

I must confess I don’t get too hung up on the TDS. I follow the feeding chart for my nutes and I haven’t had any issues with either GH or Fox Farms

I do spot check my TDS occasionally


Thanks Bob. I get it now. Total dissolved solids (tds) is the mix of nutrients and soil. Makes sense now. :+1:


So what do you think? Is it time to switch to 12/12 or should I fill the screen some more?


It is the total dissolved solids from everything lol @SilentHippie

It took me a little bit for it to sink in as well. But once it does, it makes sense. (Chemistry, blah…lol)