In Search Of....Tutankhamun!


Shoot lol. I usually consider them vegging after they have a couple sets of true leaves. My plants are usually flipped 4-5 weeks from sprout.

Like I said, it’s trivial. To consider seedling time vs veg time doesn’t really matter if you get them to desired size.


Expedition Day 46:

The girls are doing amazing! Lots of new growth.

Aurora is in front and is my ILGM plant. She’s still very symmetrical with the perfect amount of stretch. This speaks to Robert’s genetics. I can’t be happier with her development.

Nefertiti is back left. She’s still a couple inches shorter than the other 2 but her nodes are very tightly spaced and pruning will be challenging for her. I’m thinking of moving her to the front to make it easier to work with her.

Ankesenamun is back right. She’s a beast! Her and her sister have enormous fan leaves and she’s trying to hog all the space in the tent.

Ank is nearly to my Scrog screen so I went ahead and dropped it down. It’s set to 12" right now but I may move it up a couple inches. Not sure. Any suggestions are encouraged.

I let them get good and dry before watering today. Gave them full dose of Rapidstart and Cal/Mag. They weren’t showing any signs of deficiency but I figured the Cal/Mag couldn’t hurt. The FFOF is feeding them nicely for now as PPM runoff is 1000. I’m thinking I may start feeding them 1/4 dose of nutrients next Monday but I’ll wait and see how they act this week. Ph was 6.5 going in, 6.5 out on the Tuts and 6.8 on the NL.

In my never ending desire to care for my girls, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a couple new lights. They will be here today.

When I started this hobby, my intentions were to see how this grow would go and then make improvements in my technique and equipment on subsequent grows. After witnessing these amazing plants in action, I realized I wanted to get the most out of them. Thanks again @dbrn32 for the recommendation. This puts me about 530 true watts and around 70 w/sq ft. May be a little much but I’m already looking into a bigger tent for my next grow. As they say, “Down The Rabbit Hole.” :inbox_tray::rabbit2:

Thanks for reading and as always, please feel free to comment! Have a great day! :v::sunglasses:


Supplemental entry Day 47

The new lights in the tent this morning. They are 2 x Mars Hydro 600w. The total actual draw is around 530 watts which puts me about 70-72 watts per square foot. These lights are way brighter than my 300s and I’m a little nervous about too much light! I set them at 24" per instructions and I’ll keep an eye on them. I can still go up 6" to 8" before maxing out my height.

I noticed Ank has some new growth that’s got some random pale patches on the leaves. Not many, but enough to raise an eyebrow. She also has a couple leaves with some tiny holes in them. I checked for bugs and didn’t see any. I’ll check on her tomorrow. If it looks any worse, I’ll post some pics.


It looks like I’m needing some help with Ank. A lot of the new growth is showing pale spots which by the chart looks like the beginning of lockout. When I watered her on Monday, she got 6.5 ph in and 6.0 out. It also says it could be caused by overwatering. I haven’t watered since Monday and the soil is slightly moist this morning. No drooping leaves or anything so I’m thinking my soil ph is a little low. The other two look just fine.

Do you think I should water at about 6.8 on the next watering Too try to bring it up a little? Is there something else that might be causing the issue? What do you guys think?
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I sounds like your on track @SilentHippie water with a higher ph next watering say 6.8 and see what the run off is :+1:
The girls look healthy over all tho
Cb :v:


Thanks for the reinforcement. A second opinion goes a long way! We’ll do that on the next watering. Tomorrow or the next day I expect.


Glad I can assist @SilentHippie keep me posted :+1:



So you’re in FFOF Now? How many days ago did you transplant?

I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 I just like more info @SilentHippie


@bob31 They were transplanted roughly 2 1/2 weeks ago. I mixed in lime with the soil to help balance the ph and I’m wondering if I should sprinkle more on the surface when I water. I don’t want to introduce too many variables so I think I’ll start with higher ph’d water. What do you think?


yes go with the higher pH water first @SilentHippie


Adventurer’s Journal Day 53:

Good morning folks! The girls send their best wishes. It’s been another week packed with growth.

The new Mars Hydro 600s are working great and 2 of the 3 plants are into the scrog screen.

Today the ladies got their first true feeding. They got a small dose of FloraDuo, RapidStart, and CalMag.
Ph’d to 6.8, because runoff was a little low last watering. Each plant took about 1 1/3 gl of water to get runoff.
My watering schedule so far is this:
Mondays, water to runoff with any additives. Usually they are good for 4 or 5 days and I give them a small supplemental watering to get them through to Monday again. The new LEDs run a little warmer and the tent temperatures are into the high 70s with RH dropping into the middle 40s. I anticipate needing to water more as the temps are up and the ladies start drinking more.

“Mr. Deville, it’s time for my closeup.”

Aurora (Northern Lights) is still growing nicely. She’s 1 week younger than the others and has caught up well. She’s into the scrog and her node spacing makes it easy to LST her into the spaces I need her to. She seems to be the healthiest and is showing no signs of stress or deficiency. She’s doing this all on her own.

Ankhesenamun (Tutankhamun) is still exploding with growth and sprouts. She’s got a few ragged spots on her that I’m attributing to a slight nutrient lockout and also her rapid growth. Her biggest fan leaves are 10" across and I’ve been tucking leaves every day to expose bud sites.

Nefertiti (Tutankhamun) is being a little finicky. She looks great but her node spacing is very tight and instead of growing up into the screen, she just keeps bushing outward. She’s still at least 2" shorter than the other two. Her canopy is super dense and I even pruned some of the smaller, lower growth to try to encourage some upward growth and threw a couple blocks under the pot to raise her up 1 1/2". I’m hoping this feeding with get her to shoot up a bit. If all plants grew like her, you could scrog without a net!

All in all, looks like a productive week and I’ll keep a close eye on them to see how they respond to their first dose of nutrients.

Thanks for joining me and, as always, feel free to comment, offer suggestions, or just say Hi!
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Go Bucks!


They look awesome @SilentHippie :green_heart: :seedling:


You better watch the growth they get really tall especially after switch to flower but I see you’re scrogging😉


Out of likes but they look great so far. Happy growing.


She is named after a queen so you gave her that prerogative. :crown: They look great @SilentHippie


Note to self… take care when choosing names :smile:


Supplemental Journal Entry Day 56:

Just an update and a question.

The girls have responded well to their first feeding with no signs of any stress or burn. I think we can safely follow the General Hydroponics feeding schedule from here on out.

I watered our ladies to runoff with plain water this morning. A full day sooner than last week. The new lights have raised the tent temps 5-8 degrees and dropped the humidity 5-8% so I believe this plus the growth is attributing to the earlier water. Ph going in was 6.8. Ph out was 6.5, 6.7, 6.9 for the 3 girls. Next watering I think we’ll bring it back down a little.

Aurora and Ankhesenamun are filling up the ScroG nicely and I’m tucking budsites daily. Nefertiti is still not to the screen and I’m trying some LST to open her up a little. I anticipate by the time she gets into the screen, the others will have filled out the rest and be ready for flip. I’m guessing no more than a couple weeks.

Now for the question for you advanced growers.
@Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Niala @dbrn32 or anyone else who may be able to help.

I measured ppm of the runoff today and 2 of them were at about 750 and 1 was about 450. What is this reading telling me about my plants? Ppm of my tap water was about 235 going in.

Thanks for joining me. Please feel free to comment.
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Ppm readings are more or less giving you idea of soil condition. I’m not real good at translating that to how you should proceed, but those seem low for where your plants are at. Did you start feeding yet?



Yes they got their first true feeding on Monday. I went with the “Early Veg” feeding to see how they reacted and will move up to “Late Veg” on my next feed.


I think that’s a pretty safe play. The gh feeding schedule includes recommended ppm levels correct? You don’t necessarily need or want to keep that as letter of the law. Some plants will require more or less. But they are usually good baseline measurements to use a reference.

The schedule I use doesn’t have recommended ppm levels, I should probably check for an updated one as it’s a few years old. But I never even had tds meter until my last 2 grows. When I measured following the schedule I had just eyeballed, my measurements were on the low side of what people seem to target. But I was also having to be a little more reactive with things like cal/mag and potassium.