In Search Of....Tutankhamun!


@SilentHippie girls are looking great. Keep up the awesome work!


Expedition Day 25:

Girls look good this morning. I hadn’t watered them in 4 days and they were a little droopy this morning but still look great.

Aurora (Northern Lights Fem) is catching up with her sisters. I noticed a few little rust colored spots on one of her leaves and did some researching and figured it was slight calium defficieny.

The stems of the girls are purplish red and I’m attributing it to a little overwatering. My soilless mix is holding a little more water than I’d like and I’ve got fans coming today to try to dry the soil a little better.

Since I’ve decided Mondays are feeding day, here’s what I did.

Temperatures/Humidity have been very constistant. 64-72°/50-60% 24 hours a day.

Added recommended full dose of RapidStart root enhancer .25ml/L

Added 1/2 dosage CalMag .5ml/L

Ph water 5.7 going in, 5.3 out so the Lime is definitely working. Thanks again @dbrn32 @bob31 @Niala @Majiktoker for your help!

Ppm going in was 134 and 133 out. I don’t quite understand this reading. Maybe one of you guys can help me understand.

I expect to be transplanting in the next week or two. I’d still like Aurora to get a little bigger and do them all at once.

It looked like I was still getting a tiny bit of burn from the purple light so I switched them to the whiter light and set it about 26" and they seem fine.

I’ve been tossing the idea around of adding another 300w led or just holding off and picking up a couple nicer lights later. I have my eyes on a pair of these.

It seems like, for the price, these 2 would outperform 3 less expensive 300w leds and give me the wattage per square foot that I need. I have a few weeks to think about it.

That’s about it, they’re growing fast. Thanks for reading :v:


Nutrients is not my strong point, but ppm seems a little low. If you’re in soilless you could and probably should be feeding some veg nutes. But see what the others think. Adding the calmag was probably the right move, and glad the pH is still holding steady.


My pleasure those numbers are showing or telling you your plants can use a light feeding



Ank’s bottom “single finger” leaves are turning yellow from the tips to about halfway up the leaves. It looks like they are nitrogen deprived. Like you suggested, I need to feed them.

My question is, do you think they will be ok until Monday? They just got calmag and root enhancer yesterday. I don’t wanna over do it and I’d like to keep them on additives only once a week.
They’ll probably get straight water tomorrow or the next day.


How quick are they yellowing @SilentHippie


I’d say it started a couple days ago. The rest of the plant looks fine. The other two look good also. I’ve read that the first leaves can get a little beat up and shabby so I haven’t started panicking yet.


Yea I wouldn’t worry to much as she gets older she will eventually kill those leafs off just stick with what your doing buddy your doing great


Egyptian Trek Day 32:

!Warning! Lots of pics!

The Tuts are 32 days from sprout and the Northern Lights is 25 days from sprout. I’m officially calling this week 1 of vegetative stage.

The ladies were showing a little nutrient deficiency in the past week and I knew I’d be transplanting soon into FFOF. I hadn’t used any nutrients as of yet and was planning on not using any until a few weeks in their final pots. I transplanted 2 days ago.

Here’s the process:

Fox Farms Ocean Forest with an 8qt bag of perlite mixed in for added drainage.
I also added 1/2 Tbsp./gl. of Dolomite Lime to help stabilize the soil Ph.
I mixed it thoroughly and put it in 5 gl fabric pots.
I pushed an empty seedling pot into the soil to make a hole exactly the size I needed for my ladies and sprinkled Mycos into the holes.

Ank is the biggest plant of the 3 and this is her root mass. It looks like I transplanted at the right time. Nef’s roots were slightly less visible and Aurora’s slightly less still but all were ready.

Here they are after transplant with a light watering. I wanted to give them a couple days in the FFOF to see how they adjusted to their new home and feed them today if they needed it. It looks like they won’t need nutrients yet so my original strategy is working, for now.

Ankhesenamun was the smallest seed and is still the biggest plant of the 3. She’s about 6 inches tall currently and looks very hardy.

Nefertiti is about 5 1/2 inches tall and she’s looking great also. Although she was a huge, fat seed, and sprouted aggressively, her sister is still bigger, but not by much.

Aurora is also about 5 1/2 inches tall but since she’s a week younger, she’s still a little smaller than the other two but catching up quickly.

I apologize for the blurry pics. I didn’t want to turn the fans off.

We now have both the lights on and set about 24" from the tops of the plants. This seems to be the sweet spot for these 300 watters. The scrog net goes on next, I expect in the next few weeks.

It’s been a busy few days. I’m still amazed by these plants. Before I started this hobby, I probably had only seen a marijuana plant in person a couple times, let alone grow one. The progression is fascinating and I love going down and just looking at them. I never thought I could do this but thanks to all of your help, it seems to be going pretty well. If I get 1 bud from these plants I’ll consider it a win. Hopefully we’ll do much better than that though!:grinning:

Thanks to all the adventurers that have joined me on this expedition. If you see anything that looks like it needs attention, please feel free to comment.

Stay tuned, plenty more to come!:v:


All out of likes, but everything’s looking good so far. Keep up the great growing. Blurry or not, photos are progress!


Great job @SilentHippie, and for now on, just keep what you’re doing and give them pH 6.5 distil water and every thing should be fine :+1::ok_hand::wink::grinning:


They are looking great @SilentHippie :green_heart::seedling:


Just caught up on thread @SilentHippie looking fantastic woohoo
Keep up the great job :v:️CB


Nile River Adventure Day 39:

Good morning Explorers, welcome to day 39, or week 2 of veg, of my first grow. A quick recap:

We’re growing 2 Tutankhamun fems (Sativa dominant) and 1 Northern Lights fem (Indica dominant) in 5 gallon fabric pots. Transplanted about 10 days ago into Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

Really nothing to speak of in the past week except the girls are exploding! They love their new soil and all three are experiencing rapid growth.

Tent temperatures were in the mid 70s all week with the high being 78 and the low 72. R/H has hovered around 60% all week.

I let the soil get good and dry before I watered all three to runoff this morning. I added 2/3rd strength RapidStart root enhancer. The leaves were a little droopy this morning and it took 3 gallons of water to get to runoff. The little ladies were thirsty. The FFOF seems to be sufficient at this stage so we still have used no nutrients. Ph’d to 6.5 and runoff was a little low on initial testing but after letting the pots sit for a few minutes, I drew off the last bit of water out of the trays and measured it again and we were at 6.5.

Ank has become my favorite. Shhh! don’t tell the others. She has a couple fan leaves that are nearly as big as my hand and is throwing off shoots like crazy.

Nef is the runt of the group but she’s not far behind the others. She has a couple funky little leaves at the bottom left shoot that you can see in the picture below. I’m not too concerned with the odd growth as the rest looks fine and the deformed leaves are still nice and green.

Aurora has caught up with the other two and surpassed Nef by a pinch. She seems really healthy and uniform. She’s also sprouting shoots nicely.

Now to the fun stuff. I topped the girls on Saturday. The Tut girls, at the 5th node. The NL at the 4th. We’re working towards Scrog and I’m trying to keep the height uniform. The process is simple and I experienced no issues. All you first timers, if you’re unsure about topping, don’t worry, it’s easy.

After topping

Sorry for the wordy posts. I want folks to see the process from start to finish with all the details left in for two reasons: 1. I want others to see how the entire process goes and 2. I want you experienced folks to alert me to any potential issues that I may be facing that I have overlooked.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment!


They look great!


Ô wow ! :eyes::heart_eyes: They look super healthy @SilentHippie … Keep the good work :+1: :ok_hand: :v: :innocent:


I couldn’t do it without all the great people here and ILGM!:green_heart:


I’m here trying to learn so I appreciate your details and thanks for your posts.


Wow is right!

Any chance you maybe over calculated time in seedling stage? From looks, I would consider those at least 3 weeks veg. It’s trivial, but they are showing good growth rates.


That’s a strong possibility. From what I’ve read, 30 days or until the feeder leaves drop. The NL is at 32 days and still has her’s. They’re not very green anymore but still holding on.