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For seedlings in the stage your in yes and that one particularly that’s alright if I was gunna use a mg product itd be about the only one


@SilentHippie did you water with 5.0 ph going in?


Unfortunately yes. The distilled water was at 6.5 when I started using it 10 days ago. I hadn’t been adding anything to it so I assumed it was staying there. I didn’t actually measure the ph until I got such a low runoff. That’s when I discovered the 5.0.
I’ve only watered these seedlings to runoff twice since they sprouted. Obviously next watering will be correct ph but I hope I haven’t done any serious harm to the babies.


That type of medium is mostly sphagnum moss (peat moss) your ph should be around 5.8 and runoff around 5.6-5.5 would be normal :smile:



What toker said is where I was going with all of this. It isn’t actually a soil, but soiless medium / mix.


@bob31 thanks for helping this person


Just an additional information, sphagnum peat moss pH is around 4.5 naturaly and MG seeds starter is essentialy compose of it. So, addition of dolomite lime is indicate for that kind of medium. :wink::grinning:


Thanks! I wasn’t sure.


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I appreciate all the input on my soil. However the questions I had were regarding the ph of my water.



Your soil isn’t soil. It needs to be watered at 5.8 pH The water pH can fluctuate after adjusting so it is best to test it adjust it and use it. If you add nutrients to it, and you don’t use it all, I would discard it on the compost pile or garden if you still have one going?

Any unused pH water can be tested adjusted and used the next time.

So it is sort of about your soil too !!!

You would have had problems if you kept watering at 6.5 pH


Thanks @bob31. That’s what I was looking for. Obviously, with my seedlings at this early stage, they aren’t using much water and it felt wasteful to not use leftover adjusted water. I’ve only misted my NL with 6.5 a couple times.

I’m trying to avoid adding anything to my soil until I get them transplanted (FFOF), and then hopefully a few weeks before I’ll need anything with the rich soil. I’m so worried that I’ll mess this up, I’m trying to keep it a simple as possible.

When I mist tonight, 5.8 it is.


We all understand, I think. We were suggesting lime to act as a buffer in your media. In my opinion, @bob31 has you set on the water.


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The soilless medium I’m using brings up another question. When I transplant into FFOF, now I have 2 different mediums in the same pot. What do I water at then?

I’m currently in 4" seedling pots.

If adding lime will help buffer my current soil, how much do I put in? How do I apply it? How often do you reapply? Will this help with the transition when I transplant?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to get this right BEFORE I start having problems.


@SilentHippie And I will add this : you gone a struggle with pH runoff for all the time it will remain on this medium if you do not adress now your medium by put an amendement like dolomite lime to reach the sweet spot of 5.8 for this kind of medium. By giving it 6.5 ph’d water/water+nutrients, you only gone aggravate the situation…

One thing you have to understand, is, presently, your plant are establishing their roots system and in a medium that have that low pH (around 4.5) , even with watering at 5.8, it’s not garantee that they will not struggle and possibly will have nutrients lock out, since the grow medium have a to low pH.

Plus, you’ll end up with pH choc when you’ll need to transplant in FFOF, that is a “real” soil and need to be water/water+nutrients pH’d at 6.5 for the sweet spot for been in a “real” soil… I strongly suggest that you test the runoff of your FFOF before transplant and make adjustement, if needed.

I don’t know if my explanations are clear enough, please, say so if it isn’t…


Ok i found a lime formula in an old post so we’re good there.

Will I need to reapply or should this supplement me until transplant?


As much as needed :wink:



I understand what you are saying. I’ll get some lime I’m there asap.


@Niala @bob31 @Majiktoker

I’'ve been trying to understand the whole ph thing from the beginning. I understand it’s importance and I knew I’d have questions. I’m sure I’ll have more. Thanks for the help!


You’re welcome @SilentHippie, do not hesitate to ask further questions and tag any of us, we all are happy to help you :grinning::+1::wink::laughing::innocent:

pH is king :wink:


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While searching for info on the lime, I ran across an old thread with Bob, CB, and someone else having the exact same conversation with the exact same setup. Sorry for not doing the research, I would have never thought of the lime though. Thanks again folks! :v: