In Search Of....Tutankhamun!


Off to an excellent start @SilentHippie Love the names!


Great names! They are looking so cute!


Should be a good grow! Be careful with the leds though. I have experience with them, and have found that they can stunt seedlings with too much light. Imo a small cfl works great when they are tiny. Good luck with your grow!:+1:



My leds are 300w Chinese no name lights that state 120w output. I currently have the whiter light at 18". The other light is all red and blue leds. You think I should use it instead early on? It seems less intense but it may just be the color.


I use any other light I can until flower. My first couple grows I used the my “300w” led and the plants grew so slow, at 24" away. As soon as I switched to cfl/fl the plants grew so much faster and larger. These were started that way. They don’t need much light early on from my experience, and you want to keep up with the demand for light when they start taking off.


Nile Expedition Day 5:

Not too much going on. Nef and Ank seem happy. First true lights out period seems to have refreshed them.

The two 300w LEDs I have look almost identical but one has mostly white lights with just a few red and blues. That is the one I’ve used since the beginning.

The other one is all reds and blues with no whites at all. I decided to give this light a try and see if there is any noticeable difference between the two. I’m hoping not and our ladies seem happy either way, right now.

Put a small clip fan on the ladies to start toughening them up even though both are standing straight and proud.

Temps were in the high 60s at lights on with 55% RH so I think our environment is stable.

On a side note. I totally understand the therapeutic value of just being with your plants. I came down with a cup of coffee this morning and am sitting here with them as we speak. I’m truly amazed by these plants. I’ve never really grown anything before and the process is fascinating. Now, if I can not kill them, that remains to be seen! Lol


Nile journey Day 5:

I’ve decided to recalibrate our journal to the day our girls sprouted instead of germinated.

Ank and Nef seem to be doing well. Both are about 1 1/4" tall and haven’t shown much growth in the last 36 hours. I assume we’re establishing roots as otherwise they look healthy.

My LED is set at about 15" and I’m keeping an eye out for stretch but I think it’s too early to tell.

Temps and RH are still good.

I put an oscillating fan on them yesterday to strengthen the stems and after about 8 hours, they were bending away from the fan. Turned the pots 180° and before lights out, they were standing straight again. This morning, they were still straight so I believe they are strengthening.

Ank has a small area of discoloration on one of the true leaves that is only visible under the LED and is not getting any bigger. We’ll call it a birthmark for now and keep an eye on it.



I didn’t want to hijack @bonnie1’s thread but I want to ask your opinion. I have 2 LEDs, one has all blue and red diodes and the other has mostly whites. I’m currently using the “blurple” one at 15". Do you think I should switch to the white one and raise it up? They’re both 300 watters with around 120-125w output each.

Anyone else is welcome to weigh in also. I want to give my girls the best I can without over loving them.


You have model on the mostly white one? Other than aero garden or part 38 bulb, you don’t see a lot of fixtures using mostly white supplementing colors.



The tag on the back says:
Chlora BA-300w
power 125w. It came with my TopoGro tent kit and the whole kit was less than 250 dollars so expectations are low for this light.
The other one has all red and blue ones with no white. Both are inexpensive chinese lights. They look the same and are similar in output but the one white LEDs in it and seems much more intense. The colored LED might just be deceiving because there are no whites in it but it’s the one I’m using currently. I don’t see the need for both of them this early on but will eventually use them both.


I was also thinking about this. I started these 2 Tuts while I was waiting on my Northern Lights to arrive. Now I’m itching to get some NLs going too. You guys think I can squeeze a single NL in with the others? Tent size is 32x32x63.


It’s entirely possible you are correct, but the way our eyes perceive light is differently than a plant. The only way to tell would be from par readings, and testing devices are rather expensive. So just keep an open mind moving forward about which light source is more intense.

I’m assuming you’ll have both running after they get a bit bigger? Is it possible to request a side by side grow, predominantly white light vs blurple? Not that it would necessarily prove anything, but I think it would be cool. I would expect a really good white in the right color temp to beat a low quality blue/red combo, or quality coloreds to beat low quality white. But since they draw relatively same amount of power, I think it would be interesting to see the difference in the hands of a new grower.

If you’re up to it, I think a lot of people would be interested and would love to follow. But if you feel like it’s a little to much, I completely understand.


You could do 2 of each if you want. It will just come down to how long you veg them for. If you plan on vegging them out a long time, I would say 2 is plenty. But if you’re not against running a shorter veg time, up to 4 would be fine.



Actually, I have the tent set up to do just that. Once I get in veg state, each one will get it’s own light. I anticipate varying the heights due to the differences in the colors. I’m sure I’ll be in the market for a new light after this grow but being my first time, I wanted to try my hand before investing in more expensive lighting.

I think I’ll pop 1 of the NLs in there and see how it goes.


Good luck @SilentHippie my first grow was that same strain. I grower two. One had the biggest colas ever and the other was short but they both have very high thc.


Thanks @Macadon. Feel free to follow along. The Tuts are sativas and sprouted about 5 days ago. I just stuck a Northern Lights seed in water.


I’ve decided to switch to the white led for a day or so because the plants under the purple light haven’t really done much over the last couple days. They look ok and might just be rooting but they look like they might be bleaching a bit from the intensity. I might also just be staring at them too much! I raised the light to 24" and will check on them in the morning.

I’m on vacation this week and I swear I’m up and down the basement stairs 50 times a day! The bright side is think of all the exercise I’m getting!


It’s going to be real difficult, but the more patient you are, the better things will go in your favor. Switching to the other light is fine if that’s what you want to do. But I’m sure everything is fine, and will continue to be fine.

The good news is, that should mean they aren’t stretching. That’s about the only thing you should need to be watching for right now



Since this morning, it looks like they’ve grown about 1/4". I’m sure I’m just being over cautious but I’ll definitely be watching for stretch. With light higher, I can always move back down if they look like they’re reaching. I’m more concerned with bleaching right now from being too close.

Thanks :grinning:


You’re on it, that’s all I would be doing if everything else looks fine.