In Search Of....Tutankhamun!

Climb aboard, let’s take a journey down the Nile in search of Tutankhamun! I will need the help of the ILGM explorers to reach our final destination. Although many perils await us on this adventure, the treasure at the end is well worth the risk.

This is my first ever attempt at growing marijuana. I’ve spent weeks on this forum, reading, asking questions, and learning. Thanks to all who have helped along the way, so far, and all who will assist me going forward.

Received 5 Tutankhamun seeds in the mail last night from Canada. Immediately dropped 2 into about an oz of distilled water and went off to work. When I got home from work this morning, seeds hadn’t cracked yet but the ends were turning white and I expect to see the taproots this evening. Changed out water.

Not a spectacular start but hold on. This journey is fraught with traps and pitfalls along the way and I will need your help, brave members, to overcome these obstacles in search of the mighty Tutankhamun!!!

The basics:

-Tent 32x32x63
-2 300w led lights. 120w output each. 1 is more “blurple” than the other and I may have to vary the heights
to achieve an equal canopy. Planning on ScroG.
-Exhaust 4" fan with carbon filter

  • 5 gl fabric pots (final home)
  • Soil: Seed starter in seedling pots until transplant into FFOF with Black Gold perlite added to aid in
    -DE for any unwanted party crashers. Plan on dusting the surface of FFOF upon transplant.
    -Nutrients: GH FloraDuo 2 part base, Cal-Mag, Rapidstart root enhancer, Kabloom crystals.
    -PH meter, TDS meter, PH up and down.
    -Temp/RH meter

I’m sure there’s more to add but you get the idea. I’m trying to come prepared. Please follow along and help, yet another, new guy learn the craft and grow good medicine.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Screwauger @GetbackJoJo @FreakyDeekie @Fever @Hogmaster

If I’ve left someone off the list, no offense intended, let me know and I’ll tag you. Thanks Folks!


Thanks for the tag @SilentHippie Glad to follow and comment on your grow. Great start, I like details and you’ve got lots in the opening so, me likey! Best of luck Brother.


Tag me in if you want me. I would suggest some standard reference solution to calibrate your ph meter.


All are welcome! I do have 7.0 calibration solution. As important as PH is, this is a puzzling area for me but I’m getting it. I’m sure there will be questions/advice needed in this area. Thank you


Ohhhhhhhhh, a trip down the Nile!! Oh the places we’ll go ! Thanks for the tag @SilentHippie, looking forward to the float trip :smiley:


Tag me in… As a fellow Buckeye, I feel obligated to follow along…


We’ll even let those guys from up north in!
Go Bucks!


I on board and ready for an adventure
Woohoo tag me as you update the grow
I’m around should you need anything as well
Happy growing :v: :cowboy_hat_face: CB


Good luck great pharo. Happy growing @SilentHippie


Looking forward to watching this one!! I’ll be along for the ride as well.

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Buck born transplanted to the far corners of the USA spreading the love from MA!!

Changed to WATCHING!


I too will jump on board, love watching others grow. I’m on my first grow, but I’m a quick learner with a bit of a green thumb with just about anything else. @SilentHippie I changed to watching.

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Day 2 of our expedition:

Seeds cracked last night.

I opted to go straight into seed starter mix instead of the paper towel. I’ve read mixed reviews on the paper towel method and figured Mother Nature doesn’t use paper towels so we should be good.

Cut humidity domes out of clear water bottles and placed them over the seeds which were planted about 1/4 in. and loosely covered.

Lightly watered with a spray bottle last night and then again this morning.

Have the “less blurple” light on the seedling pots, set at about 18 in. on a 24 hour schedule until they sprout.

After our Twin Tuts break the surface, we’ll kick them into 18/6 and we’re off.

Our current temp in the tent is 74° with 55% RH.

So far, it seems like we’re off to a good start. If you see anything that looks out of the ordinary, please let me know!


You are so eloquent! I feel immersed in a great adventure and look forward to the informative journey :sunglasses:
I got a tent to fill some of the space left by an “empty nest” but couldn’t wait until the nest actually emptied so it’s crowded in our bedroom for now. :smiley:
I started just one bag seed in the closet with a florescent. She was moved into the tent with 1000w hps at about 6 weeks into flowering and is now within 2 weeks of harvest. She is an unknown sativa grown in dirt. We have four more, still in the closet, sprouted almost 3 weeks ago. 2 each sativa and indica; sour diesel and bubba kush plus two unknowns.
I sure have been enjoying and appreciating all the info others share. I can already tell I know a lot less than I thought I did! :wink: And I need more equipment… I feel like I’m fumbling blindly!!


Welcome aboard! Good luck with your grow! There are lots of great people here that are willing to help. I’m so new to this that I cannot offer advice but everything I’m doing in this grow is from reading and asking questions.

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Awesome @SilentHippie Changed to watching so I’m along for this trip down the Nile~AB

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I’m kind of in awe of the generosity of those sharing information and knowledge :sunglasses: I’ve learned so much yet only scratched the surface. It’s almost amazing I’ve had the success I’ve had so far with the lack of knowledge I started with :smile:

Three years ago I grew a plant from a bag seed in the bathroom cabinet with a florescent starter light and rain water! No nutrients or gauges. Wasn’t a spectacular yield but it successfully flowered. We also didn’t know about curing then so smoked it right after it dried. This time has been so much more fun and a true test of patience :wink:


We are in good hands my friend. :palms_up_together:


Sounds like you’re in for a ride of your life but appear prepared. Great title as so many ups and downs.
Happy Growing :v:

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Expedition Day 4:

The girls have arrived!

Seedlings broke the surface last night. This morning, standing straight.

I’ve named the ladies Nefertiti and Ankhesenamun. Nef and Ank for short.

Nef came from a nice big seed and shot straight through the surface with the shell still attached, Shook it loose and is standing proudly. She will be strong.

Ank was a smaller seed that gracefully pulled her leaves up through the soil, leaving her shell behind. She may need a little toughening up.

Temp 74°/ RH 46% (It’s been cool in the Buckeye State so turned off the A/C and much to my surprise, the humidity dropped!) I hope we’ll be ok.

Turned on the exhaust fan to circulate the air and hopefully draw in some moisture.

Took off the humidity domes and switched to 18/6.

I’m going to let them go a day or so before putting the fan on them. We’ll see.

Misted the soil last night and again this morning. I’m scared to death of overwatering so I’m being extra cautious.

Any suggestions, by all means, please reply.

We are off to the Valley of the Kings.

Next stop: Transplant!