In search of mentor for 1st grow

Well thanks man! They are 6 days and 19 hours into the coco. Germed directly in there.

The biggest danger to :seedling: seedlings is us. Don’t overdo/overthink it… :wink:

I purchased black magic pro Pete mix. I guess it is Coco with Pete and perlite. Do you think this is a decent medium?


so would you recommend letting the soil dry entirely before moistening again?

I don’t, but I also have a hard time with seedlings, that may be why… For me it seems to take forever before they start to bulk up… :nerd_face:

Haha well best of luck to your seedling ventures then as well.I hate to fall behind especially due to a lack of knowledge but I guess the learning curve is one of the best and most rewarding parts of anything.

Give him time and @CoyoteCody might share his thoughts on the subject. He’s really good and in coco also… :nerd_face:


I have not used anything with peat, but it should be good. Basically the same thing as coco by itself just have to water it less often I do believe. Also welcome to the community!!


Hey how’s it going? Just a quick question for you how much do you typically let your seedlings dry out before re-watering?


Thanks buddy :grin:. This is my first indoor grow. I do notice when I water it with about half a shot glass it holds moisture for about 12hrs before getting dry.

Gelato Auto 5 days in the pot


Looking good! If you start a thread tag me in it and I will follow along.

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Awesome thanks! Can I tag you in this other thread I have for my 1st Grow then?


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Me personally I would stick to the coco and not add soil to it. Coco is easy and seems adding soil complicates the process without any real benefit.