In search of mentor for 1st grow

Any comments, tips, or constructive criticism?

You wouldn’t be gaining anything by mixing them. But you can.

No change in nutrient scheduling?

what do you think of the diy prototype?

I think it’s long as it’s light tight it works. Do you have an exhaust fan, or a fan inside for circulation?

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I am waiting to see what my brother thinks about hanging these lights where I have it and see if I should run one through the window beneath or just do a fan inside (which i have a few of i could use)

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Welcome to the forum you’ll love it, any problems just post it and someone will know the answer. I like you wanted to stay ahead and prevent mistakes if possible but some of my mistakes were my best learning tools, cause then fellow growers helped me fix my problem and I learned from it all. I see you’re growing in coco and I grow in soil but plenty of people seem to already have you fixed up. Good luck growing

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Thank you much I’m glad to be a part of it I like how everyone is there for me as well I do understand that mistakes are a big part of a learning process I just have a big Vendetta against them and costing me money although I know I’m no special case and deserve to have my fair share I figured I would try to stay ahead of the curve like you said

@lilb98 … here?

No my other one its the 1st grow and I guess now I wanna learn how to tag too.

To tag someone, just put @ in front on their names, like @lilb98:nerd_face:

@kaptain3d thanks man!

My pleasure! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wrong thread my friend! :wink:

But for young ones maybe someone with more experience may help, @CoyoteCody, @Covertgrower or @Oldguy

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I’m telling you you’d be better of teaching a box of rocks.:sweat_smile:

:rofl: Don’t worry, that’s what happens when you chat across a few threads… :wink:

Gotta learn somehow I guess😂

But, for what it’s worth, I think they look good!
Careful not to over water and you should be okay, imo.

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