In search of mentor for 1st grow

Sorry I can’t be a mentor. I march to the beat of my own drums. Now if you had the same set up as me, I could help. Outside that I just post what I know…kinda like mentoring in a way.

Welcome to the Community. :+1::+1::+1:


Even a warm welcome sometimes is all we need to get the day started the right way. Glad to be here!

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Thanks so cool to finally be a part of a forum. Bucket list is getting a tally.


Well for one it will have less nutrients than just the soil, if its not mixed well enough you can have wet and dry spots in the medium, other than that its not too bad, a few people on here have mixed soil and coco, @Covertgrower @Bulldognuts @kaptain3d any experience with mixing soil and coco.


No experience with mixing coco and soil. I don’t recommend it, but if you were to mix the two, I wouldn’t go over 20% coco, and lean to the soil side.
Coco has no nutrients, and no buffering of PH.
Soil has both of those qualities. When you get closer to the 50% mark, I would suspect you may run into issues. But I’m only speculating.

I have soil and coco in the tent currently, and slowly switching to just coco. It’s reusable, and I can flush, or change my nutrient level at any given time.

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I did once, 3 grows ago… too much work for nothing. Since then I switched to Pro-Mix HP and I have the best of both worlds, imo. Pro-Mix HP comes already with Myco and perlite so you’re good to go!
It’s inert and acts exactly like coco, but it retains more water so less watering, (usually)… :nerd_face:


The lack of nutrients in the coco was supposed to be my guardian angel during the grow so that I don’t over nute somehow. New and nervous. I did plan to qtr the amounts shown on schedule still.

Did you take a look at the pictures or are familiar with the nectar of god mediums? I bought both the 2 and 4. In your opinion for 1st time grower you think I should just do 1 or the other it looks like?

First time hearing of that stuff I am going to give it a search now!

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Be careful, there’s a lot of “flavors” going around… This is the one I use :


My October BOM entry is in a 15 gallon pot filled with Pro-Mix HP… :nerd_face:


Comparable products would be straight coco with a few amendments to buffer ph.

The other is like Promix. Again buffered for PH.

Both are soilless mediums.

Thats why I use jacks with coco, like I said its a 3 part system, the same formula from beginning to end.

3.6 of part a
1.2 of Epsom salt
2.4 of part b
Per gallon of water.

That never changes through the entire grow, all you have to do is make sure your ph is in range for coco and your tds is not crazy high in your run off, and feed once a day, I do have one day that they don’t get jacks and I just water with a little bit of silica, you don’t have to do this but it stiffens the stems up nice during flower.

I have not messed with anything with amendments so im lost on that part.


Here are you explaining the #2 and #4 or are you recommending comparable products? I’m sorry to be a dunce I think I’m reading it wrong.

Are those products going to have a similar makeup to what foxfarms trio is?

In a sense yes, but they are 2 different worlds, the fox farm trio is closer to the General Hydroponics that i used to use, as far as how you use it.

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Thanks for all the help brother I got another quick question. Might be a pretty ugly one to answer lots of variables but just looking for broad speculation. I bought 2 Mars ts1000w and have a Phlizon 1200w in a 4x5x6 diy. What would be my best plan of attack for maintaining a stable and positive growth cycle while yielding decent amounts per plant. Thinking in terms of cutting down on space vs upgrading lights vs throw it all away and start over(kidding sorta)

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Didn’t remember to reply sorry dude, I still haven’t gotten to that research yet but will be able to here shortly. Thanks for your guidance!

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What I would do in your place is use the Phlizon for vegging a few plants, and use the 2 TS1000 in my tent.
I veg anywhere between 4 to 6 plants under my 3 old blurples while my tent is occupied with my flowering girls. When they are done flowering, I switched the vegging plants to the flower tent, let ii veg for a week or 2 while I shape them. And then put them in flower and the cycle continues… :nerd_face:

I get between 4 to 6 ounces per plant on average…

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Awesome man thanks for that I was in need of someone to confirm this as logical solution and you did just that! Basically going to make 2 rooms out of the 1 4x5. What would you do in my position?

I would keep my whole tent for the flowering girls and veg a few more on a counter in my man cave (which is exactly how I set it up…).
I’ll tag you in my latest journal and you’ll see it if you search a bit. Or if you’re patient, I’ll post an update tomorrow morning so you can see it…
Ghetto set-up, but it works for me and my budget!