In Phoenix need big help

You might have to prop it up with pipe cleaners if stems are particularly weak. I can’t tell from the overhead pics,but if they’re leggy, you can just bury the stem when you transplant

As for spider farmer I’m not really familiar with their lights but it looks like a good start

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Dim it to 60 watts and keep about 20-24” inches above plant.
If it were me I would put her in a pot she looks ready…

I dont think I can dim my man

Pipe stickers? Sorry man I don’t know the lingo

I figured it out lol thanks for your help

Processing: 20210711_100031.jpg…
My plant looks alittle droopy or is that normal if u look close there are some yellowing or is that normal

Pic didn’t load :thinking:

Hope u can see it now

I took this pic Processing: 20210711_100031.jpg…
It looks like it turning yellow I transplanted today

Pic didn’t load

Processing: 20210711_100031.jpg…

Was your peat pod thing pretty moist before you transplanted it?

I’m still learning and novice but it looks to me like it might have been a touch too wet. I would not water it for a day or so and see how it responds but I’m sure others will chime in and give advice soon.

Overwatering is one of the biggest plant killers especially at this stage of development

The new growth looks great though so just be careful about overwatering and I think she will be fine

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I keep it like a sponge or try to at least. the watering seems to be my main problem I live in AZ but I keep my closet 82F and 65 humidity. I appreciate to advice but please keep it coming. It’s not as easy as it looks. I’mma True rookie