In Phoenix need big help

Any brands

This whole place raves about HLG… so that’s what I ended up getting.

Very popular and used by many. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t the only brand making good lights. But they’re customer service is incredible too.

It’ll also depends on your budget. Good lights cost


Hlg I’m sorry man I don’t get the lingo yet lol

It’s all good! Horticulture lighting group

Can I get on Amazon

Negative. As far as I know you don’t want to get anything they offer on Amazon. Blurples they’re referred to as. There’s actually a really funny thread for the story group of people who were tricked into buying them :joy:

Ok Ill look into it thx

Curiosity… what’s your budget like?

I’d say you’ll want 2x 260’s

Hlg is the brand most like here

Are you handy? Their diy products can save some cash if you can work a pair of wire strippers

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Not in that department

I got about a 150 budget for lights

Is that watts

So where do u suggest I go I’m in Phoenix az

Someone will be along to help with a better light option in that price range. I wish I could help more, I just didn’t take the time to learn much about them once I hear how well HLG works and treats customers.

Good luck! Post a journal when you start

Hard to do great job flowering a 4x4 on that kind of budget. Even 600 watt hps probably going to exceed $150. I would consider going with smaller space. On top of light, you’ll need fans/filter, some testing equipment too.

Your goals unfortunately exceed your budget

The cheapest I found was 150 +discount code but it’s only 100watt which would definitely not cover the footprint you are looking to cover

Maybe it would do one plant start to finish? Actually don’t know how well it would work even covering one plant start to finish :confused:

How about this 100watt spider farmer light

Could anyone help with stronger stems

100 watt spider farmer light

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