In Phoenix need big help

Hello fellow growers hope everyone is blessed and growing happy. Unfortunately I’m having trouble and I just wanna grow lol I’m using a 80 watt red and blue light setup and I’m using my bedroom closet for the setup but maybe some pointers or even pictures thanks in advance

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What kind of trouble are you having?
What specific questions do you have?
Fire away and we all the wonderful people here can help you out,
Happy growing.
First off you may need to upgrade your light.
Pictures with a flash will also help out .
Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the reach out
I’m new and I don’t know what I really need I bought the balcony set from potforpot and just waiting for them to help me through this. I use bottled water the soil they gave me. I just want some good weed where do I start sincitytoker

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I need all the help I’m also in AZ so it maybe too hot

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@Imjustlearning welcome to the forum. I’m only a few weeks new here and let me tell you if you want to grow good weed you’re in the right place to do it! All the people here will help you throughout the processes and always ask your questions because there are no dumb ones, only the ones you don’t ask. Take some pictures and show us what you’re working with. Happy growing

Well if growing indoors you definitely want to start by buying a good light.
This is the one item you do not want to settle fir less.
Figure out what your canopy is and find a good light that will cover your canopy.
Next is temperature and humidity.
Grow room requires specific temperatures and humidity levels. Humidity changes as your plant gets older but temperature you want to pretty much stay the same your whole grow.
So you’ll need an intake fan so you can bring fresh air in to your grow room and an exhaust fan so you can get rid of hot air and slow to bring in fresh air 24/7.’
You will need some sort of fans in your grow room for air circulation. 6 “ clip on fans or what ever does the job. Some folks use oscillating fans clip fans you get the idea.

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The search bar is going to be your best friend.
ILGM has a growing bible here on there sight I suggest you go over that a couple of times and get a simple idea of a few of the ends and outs.
Once you start reading through it you can get a basic idea and any questions along the line you can just shoot away.
But I suggest you start there and also follow a few grow journals.
They have a ton of information on there and you will pick up a ton of useful information.

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Here is my grow journal
Feel free to watch along and please ask any question you have.

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What @Sincitytoker said….

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In a dead world of 80 watt light is not enough- if you want to reach for the sky , a better light is needed , seedling 80 watt is good , but once in 2-3 weeks you want a brighter future for them

I’ll second the light recommendations

The light you have will not get you through entire grow with quality bud at the end

If you can upgrade the fine people here can help you figure out best solution to fit your needs and budget

I’m sure buying a new light is not what you probably wanted to hear but a needed stepping stone in your journey

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Shot away playa let me know

Welcome to the forum.

Reading is going to be your best friend. Put yourself through an intensive course on marijuana husbandry :rofl:

There are so many growers with crazy skills and info in their journals. Read read read

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Thanks for info I need a light setup any suggestions

@dbrn32 is the light specialist and can steer you right if you give him some information (size of space to light/budget/etc)

If you can afford hlg, it seems to be the preferred brand around here but model and what not is dependent on your particular situation.

Ball park figures on those lights are from around 170 for a smaller diy job up to 700 for a delux light that will grow monsters.

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Ok I’ll shot him a text thx man

How much are you trying to grow? And in how big of a space?

I wanna grow 3 plants Im using my bedroom till I can put outside so maybe a 4 by 4 room

I just need a light that does it all does that sound realistic

If you only want to veg 3 in prep for outdoor you wouldn’t need anything crazy. If you eventually wanted to grow and flower indoor you would need a decent light to run 3 in a 4x4 space. Don’t make the mistake of buying to small and spending twice.

Realistic yes. Cheap maybe no.

You’ll probably need around 550 true watts to flower 4x4.