In northen NE and humility is way to low

Ive fixed heat issues buy getting led light, but humility is like 13% right now. Dose a small humidifier the awnser to boost it to 60%

Im also in the northeast and in the winter the humidity is down to 22%! Honestly, I’ve noticed my plants don’t even care. I do use a humidifier while they’re seedlings, but other than that I don’t pay it much mind.

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Wow. I’m jealous. It’s at 99% here right now.

A small humidifier will work. If $$ is an issue a pan of water with a fan blowing over it will help too.

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I’d pay good money to have 13% humidity lol. Your plants will be fine.


I purposely timed my grow for just that reason. It’s still pretty humid in the midwest. But as my plants get further into flower (Christmas) I can take advantage of the dropping Rh.