IN NEED OF SOMÈ KNOWLEDGE Starting a Grow in my closet

Hi guys looking for some guidance, finally got to that point in life where I am sick of rubbish expensive street bud.Time for my own crop. This is the only space I have so was looking for some help with the best things for me to buy to produce top quality bud I’ve been reading alot on here the last couple of days and looks a friendly helpful place. I like the idea of LED and scrog if this helps anyone helping me. Total excited to get this underway THANKS!


Measurements please. I started in 2 little dressers

Welcome. To better help you out could you give the size of your room. Do you have seeds? Are you going to be growing in dirt. What equipment do you have so far. What is your budget? Did you download the grow bible?

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Hi guys thanks so much I’m total new to all this the size of my dresser is 18inch(W) x 30inch(L) x 65inch(H). Downloading the bible as I write this. Looking to be doing soil and around about £400 is my budget. Currently don’t have any seeds was looking at getting some from Amsterdam genetics White Choco caught my eye. Thanks again for the help guys truly appreciated. I just don’t won’t to jump the gun I’ve been researching alot lately but nothing beats speaking to people who know what they are doing from previous experience… but I’m really dedicated to learning how to grow top quality buds.

Buy seeds from this website. They are great. Buy a strain that is recommended for beginners. How much is 400(your currency) in US dollars?

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That size I’d did clf bulbs and had great harvest. It’s kind small for LEDs. CFL are cheap and easy to control the heat.

Thanks I will have a look. It’s around about $520 Thanks for the help

This is a great idea as cheaper the better for me but I don’t won’t to lose out on quality. Would you recommend a certain light, fan etc. Thanks so much for the help guys can’t wait to get this underway a long way from there but getting there

And also sorry for all the questions bit how do you buy seeds off this website?

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Brother we all have to start somewhere no need to apologize if you need any help setting up anything just about everyone on here will be more than happy to help you to succeed there are some great mentors on here @Majiktoker @latewood @Aquaponic_Dumme @Donaldj and great people who just grow on here and help people as well @ktreez420 @Matthew420 @peachfuzz @Countryboyjvd1971 and many more if you could fit two plants in the 600 W LED you’ll be styling just curious if you were in a legal state and you’re worried about smell I would also recommend a carbon filter you could have one hell of a set up with the amount you have to spend I would definitely recommend White widow super skunk Afghan they are all outstanding one of my current favorite is the chronic widow 100% satisfaction guarantee tag me if I can help you good luck my friend and welcome to IlGM forum


As @Hogmaster said we here and will help you should you need it welcome to the play ground
Hog has given some good advice
If you need anything just tag us
Knowing the size of your space would help us help you location area / region your from
Happy growing CB

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Hey @CrazyGro this is a pretty sweet site for information may I suggest @hillcrest21678 grow journal as an idea on how to maximize a space similar to yours. He really gets his setup dialed in and you can see it in his results. It always helps me to see what other people are using in there space and what kind of results they are getting. My advise is to read up til your brain hurts…then wake up read more😉. Knowledge is power and the more you research and read the better grower you will be be and when then time comes you to put it all together. Log it all here and these amazing folks will help all they can from a computer screen. Lol happy growing😎


I didn’t see this answered but it probably was…

On the top of the forum page, you’ll see a menu, one of which is Marijuana Seeds. Click that.

White Widow is a good starter plant. I think with that size closet, I’d go autos. Then you don’t need to worry about changing light times, etc. They just grow and bud on their own schedule (not photosensitive).


Thanks this is a great help. still unsure of where to get the seeds. I am in the UK so yes smell is a problem but hopefully I can deal with this. I would be so grateful if you could list the things I need to get going the size of the space i have is 30inch(L)x18inch(W)x65inch it’s a wooden dresser if that helps any I really like the idea of the CFL. Thanks

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@CrazyGro Look on the top right on this page and you will see BLOG GUIDES FORUM MARIJUANA SEEDS click on the MARIJUANA SEEDS and it will take you to the seed bank. You will also need a PH METER and a TDS METER, and a good source for water, and a good light. For that small of a space LEDs will work well for you. Get seeds ordered first because it take a minute to get them.

Cliclk this link for seeds

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I would suggest a 4" inline fan with a variable speed control and a 4" carbon filter for sure probly run $100-120.
As far as a light goes this is where I would spend most of my money. Remember you are trying to grow a flowing plant that loves and I mean loves light. With that said I feel that COB led’s are the way to go in your space for the money. Here in the US you could pick up a “DIY” COB led kit for like $250. Then you need some soil get the good stuff NO miracle grow. “Air pots” or “fabric pots” work well at giving roots O2. Your also gonna want to get a temperature and hydrometer so you can monitor the closets environment. You also want to line the inside with mylar or white plastic to help reflect the light… just staple it up. Ph pen is a must and there pretty cheap around $20 to $50. I just took a bong rip and now I can’t think of any more😵… hope this helps buddy. Side note: Check out “grow mouse” on youtube for more info on the lights.

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Oh and get the seeds from here man! ILGM all the way. I have 10 for 10 germination success with 5 strains. I can’t wait to try gold leaf I need to order some!


I had 10 23w actual cfls and got 2 oz off my little northern lights auto. I used computer fans, cheap, to cool it. Play around and have fun and remember it’s just a weed. Now I have a closet 6x6x13 feet, so things change over time and you’ll prob have another grow thing made before this one is done flowering. I know cause that’s what we do.