In need of seedling help

Hello everyone. I dropped a pineapple express yesterday and it has a small tail in the ppt <.5". My final medium is coco+perlite, but I plan to put the seed in a jiffy pellet first. I have a few different lights for seedlings and will then switch to a MH TS1000 when it goes in the tent. My question now is tho, what should I focus on for temp, humidity and light height/ duration until I transplant into the coco?

Light height will vary depending on the intensity of the lights you will be using, to low you can burn them too high causes stretch. I would try and adjust accordingly. As far as temp I would aim for about 80 with high humidity around 65 to 70.


:point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5: Valid points.

What seedling lights?

And maybe aim for 75… to much into the 80s indoors leads to more tweaking of humidity. There’s something called a VPD chart around. U can google it. It shows the best temp to humidity for different stages of growth.

Happy growing


these are all my lights (sorry I’m a lil OCD, so I write everything down)

Haha its cool. Those 32w lights intrigue me. N the stonepoint. Could u do me one more favor? Im jumping threads and itd be helpful if u could snap a amazon link to each one. Thanks

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Introducing this lil lady…Uploading: 20200605_053904.jpg…

She still hanging? Dont be afraid to pull off that seed shell/ husk

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It’s off, but she’s hurting

Probably started a bit too wet. U want that pod damp not drenched

I have a question. In my last grow of purple haze it was exposed to light a couple times. These are fems, as expected it produced a low level of seeds. Just for giggles I planted some in my garden and they have taken off incredibly well. A friend of mine suggested that they will be a male plant and just produce seeds. Is the correct, what can I expect from these?

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