In need of opinions!

Hey all I have 2 purple lemonade autos from fast buds that I know clearly aren’t ready for harvest (planning on one more week). My issue is I planted a hindu kush autoflower at the same time that appears to be very close to harvest the breeder info on the kush suggested 45 to 50 days of flower which I’m confused about. I’m currently on week 9 today for all plants and was wondering if you thought I should harvest the kush or if I could push it another week to 9 days? Im limited on drying room is my main dilemma. Thanks in advance! Below are a couple pics of the kush.


You can’t go by breeder info as the gospel. You need to look at the trichomes under magnification and check to see if they are cloudy yet. You can use a simple jewlers loupe from amazon for under $10, look for 40-60 magnification.
I just finished a grow that the breeder said would be done in 55-60 days. I chopped them at 112 days and could’ve let them go longer!


Preach on! @LandShark has you covered.