In Need Of Criticism, New To Hydro

I really appreciate all the help i have been getting from this community thank you for being here!!
Ok so new to hydroponics t5his is my first run at it , hahha ohh man how im going to do things differently next time. anyways im looking for issues i may not see yet or current issues im not seeing. while i never feel fully dialed in really believe im close. the grow space is 4x4, the air temp is around 75-76 F with 50-59% RH, water temp i maintain at 65-68 degrees F, PH 5.8, PPM 900. let me know if anymore info is needed.


Looks like you’re killing it!


They look good, I think I’m going Hydro next grow so I will watch.


What’s there to criticize?? Brother that’s looking fantastic. :clap:t2::clap:t2::+1:t2:

I try thought you had a journal already. You know if I might interject here, if you post everything on one journal/thread, it will make it easier for folks to keep up with your grow and easier for you to reflect on any issues or questions you may have. Either way, I’ll be following if I can keep up… lol :rofl::joy::rofl:
Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


My biggest regret is not starting in a college bound to become a doctor RDWC! system as opposed to its lower middle class drug addicted can i borrow 5 stacks brother DWC…so many nutes down the drain :frowning:


What’s in your solution that makes it brown?


awesome thank you so much for your feedback, i swear im too close to the project i open my tent and peek in daily expecting to see dead larf dripping down the sides like canned spinach. i almost cant wait to get this grow over with i usually dont sweat nothin, and my bad is there a way to move my post? i just hit the little make a new topic button in top right i will pay more attention.

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Florablend,Rapid Start and Floralicious+ make it look like the outhouse water on a construction site post taco tuesday at an all you can eat


thank you appreciate it!

Out of likes but that right there is funny!

I think, if you really want to move your post to one thread, there is a donate 1 oz fee to the person @Covertgrower that moves your post… haha! Na j/k :rofl::joy::rofl:


LOL im thinkin id pay that to get my posts in one place

Just make sure that water level is always at least 1 1/2 inches below net basket …
Lookin good my friend…


to form air roots right? …thats another concept among the many im new to with hydro. which brings up a question, i had cut mylar reflective film to top my net pots up to the stalk and dampen light but i have always worried about creating a poor airflow through the hydroton. is that a valid concern or am i overthinking it? im not so much concerned with mold as i mist with hydroguard like it was binaca in the 90s


If pump dies, you won’t kill the plant… :wink:
Slowly decrease water level to promote more air roots…


just how low can i let it get? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had mine 4 or 5” below and it didn’t effect them (short time.) But, more roots in the water means more up take the plant does while still maintaining the proper air gap.


good to know

What is the entire nutrient regimen you are running? I’m assuming you are running more than just that. The Florablend is a humic acid IIRC and is responsible for the dark color.


ahh i thought you just wanted to know what made the water so dark :slight_smile: im running the GH Flora Duo at 2/3 ratio, RO water, armor Si, flora duo, Calmag, hydroguard, rapidstart, Florablend,floralicious+ and diamond nectar. been adding nutrients to my mixing tote in that order with about 10 minutes in between each nutrient before adding aside from Silica i give that about 2 to 4 hours and i always mix it in first.


Grass, cash or ass, nobody rides free. :joy::joy::rofl::rofl: