In memory of Austin AKA “Unknown”

Well I would imagine that some who were in the thread know but that a member (Unknown) recently passed from a too late diagnosed case of colon cancer.

I will be dropping my first bean today in honor of a member who contributed much to this site

RIP Unknown/Austin

My heartfelt condolences for his wife who let us know of his passing


Yes, my condolences too.

My Mom’s twin brother had colon cancer and my Sister was just diagnosed with it too about 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately too late in her case as well. I went to get a colonoscopy and had 4 polyps that they took out. Biopsy confirmed they were cancer cells. Crisis averted.


Same here on getting checked out. No polyps in my case and prostate was normal as well but I know I’m not off the hook.

A co worker passed a couple of weeks ago of what sounded like a sudden blood clot
He was in his thirties and went to bed with a bit of pain and swelling in his leg and never got up so I know the lease we have on life is neither assured nor predictable

Let’s live life as best as we can and to it’s fullest while we have the opportunity


I was told I had 5 years to live and no medical treatment. It rocked my world. Espophagus Cancer when I was 31. They went in with a laser after pushing the VA hard. Cancer free since then. They caught it before it could spread.

I live my life like I am on borrowed time. Because we are.

I hope Austin is upstairs looking over our crops. RIP @Unknown. You are missed.


RIP my fellow growmie @Unknown my condolences to your family

I just finished up on my second round of C treatments luckily mine is not life threatening unless it somehow escapes my bladder.
@MrPeat I understand the borrowed time, after the third of my five heart surgeries in 2014 I was told that I wouldn’t see 50 I’ll be 51 in two months


Feeling blessed that I have not had these issues yet with my body

My son’s mom died at 42 of cancer and taking care of her in her final years (she got almost 3 after diagnosis) helped me understand better how fragile it all is


rest easy @Unknown your fight is over. may he watch over all our grows. gone too soon