In drying some of my buds smell great others are bland

Hi I’m drying my buds and noticed some smell awesome and some are real bland with almost no smell at all. Is this normal? Do the ones that smell bad have mold maybe? And How do I check for mold. I do have a jewelers loupe at 60x. Does it see the mold on the bland buds?

You shouldn’t need a magnifier to see mold.

Should be drying at ~70F and ~60% RH. Suggest doing a bud wash with a dilute mix of peroxide if you think mold may be present. If you can’t see mold without magnification, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Don’t expect flower to smell tasty until you get a week or so into the cure. The cure will mitigate odors other than the odor you like to smell. Drying won’t change the smell, but curing will.


Simple the buds with no smell were not ready.

Smell almost always go away during drying, then you bag/jar them , they stink of chlorophyll for 2 months then terps come back

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The smell will change through out the entire curing and storing. I have last years crop in long term storage and the smell and taste changes every month or so. They have been in the freezer as of last January.

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They were ready. I had cloudy and amber trichomes. They were growing outside since May 15th.

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