In a tent possible co2 on out wanted

I’m thinking about adding bottles co2 system. I have all of the basic equipment. Curious where is best place to hang discharge lines for the system? One tune it was suggested to hang from light reflector. I’m running 600 watts lamps in 8x8 tent. I have the titan atlas 8 controller. Asking for experienced suggestions only

Thank you very much

I’ve only tried the bagged stuff, which I couldn’t see much if any diffference with. And was told to hang it higher than the plants or behind a fan thats blowing gently on the plants cuz co2 is heavier than air & wants to flow downwards. Also to run the tanks only when the light is on (but I didn’t use tanks) because the plant only sucks it up in daylight. My problem could have also been that I didn’t have a powerful enough light to benifit from the extra co2. I’m a newbie so wait for others to post about this before wasting any energy on what I have said.
Edit:Sorry just noticed experienced only & I don’t consider myself experienced as of yet

@Stonedrus has co2 experience.

I thought you run it Ina bucket of water to be honest…

I just did what the growstore people told me. No wonder it did nothing. Maybe I should have read the box! Ahh well its gone to the garbage truck.

How many lights have you hung in that 8’x8’ space, and what model are they (if HPS, just say HPS)?

Are you ventilating the space?

Can you run all your lamps without venting the space?

Here’s one you might wanna look at

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Grow store guys feel like all old school Joby guys who grow in soil and their knowledge is vauge lok

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Planning on doing 4-600w hps in light rail.Then gonna need a few more when clones get bigger. Can I not run air cooled lights to control temp if it’s sealed system?

You can and should use (sealed) air cooled HPS fixtures that are ducted to an entirely different space than the plants. You should have more light than that to justify supplemental CO2 above ambient atmospheric levels. It’s your money, and you already own an expensive controller (I’m assuming you own a regulator with solenoid). I wouldn’t worry about going over 800ppm at your current level of lighting.

As far as positioning the gas outlet, it shouldn’t really matter, since a gas will expand to fill the volume of it’s vessel. Critically, you’ll want to make sure you have the Goldilocks amount of air movement. You need air moving over and under your fan leaves without it being too strong.

You’ll still want to ventilate the tent during lights out and for a few hours after lights on. You would not supplement CO2 from a bottle while venting.

CO2 is really the last consideration I’d make in a home grow. You gain more by dialing in light and VPD first. I’d let @dbrn32 assess your lighting plan.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Thank you very much. Maybe I’ll look into some 1000 w lamps. Debating on going led if I’m gonna spend money on more powerful lights.

4-600’s for 8x8 is pretty solid.

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Yes, but in the context of adding CO2? I was saying there isn’t likely to be a benefit past 800ppm.


There’s electrical considerations too.

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Probably not even that high. Of all the people I know that have tried using bottled co2, none have felt it valuable enough. Having a burner or something under the right circumstances maybe.