In a hard spot and need some advice!

So I’m leaving to go on vacation in two weeks. When I planned my grow, I gave myself almost three months for start to finish. Now here I am at the finish line and there is no way the bud will be mature enough to harvest before I leave.

My question is this. Has anyone heard of an autowaterer that works? The lights are covered by a timer, so all I need is water to hold her over for the 10 days I’m gone. Please help!

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How long you going to be gone? How much can you spend? # plants? Daily water need?
BEST bet would be to have someone you TRUST enough to water for you, but unless you have like a “take a bullet” friend (even in a legal state), you shouldn’t advertise your grow, IMHO.

Need at least the info in the first two questions before I can even try to find/design something… Most inexpensive systems off-the-shelf will either be too small or too unreliable.

You can start testing now. Fill soda bottles or anything that fits the size with water, turn upside down and bury a few inches in the soil.

They sell the equivalent, we have them in some house plants.

Blumat. They’re available on Amazon