Impressive size of leaflets of these plants

Hello fella :smiley: for 420 day’s sake I wanted to share these pics of white widow (WW) feminized plants I’m growing (the seeds I bought form this site); I’m dazzled (as it seems to happen also to other people who saw these plants at my home) about the size of the leaflets. Their width is amazing! I’ve grown WW autoflowering before and I don’t remember such big and wide leaflets on those. By the way, the first picture is the plant I have on a dilute H2O2 solution for watering (you can see it’s growing very healthy and vibrant and soon I’ll have to transplant to bigger pots for I fear this 7 Liter ones have gotten small for this explosive growth) :wink:


I know this strain is indica dominant, but I can’t help being amazed by the size of these leaflets. Of course I’m not complaining, actually I’m very pleased for this visual delight God has blessed me with.
Happy day for everyone!


They do look nice and healthy


Nice, healthy look plants

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