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I have never grown cannabis before but I want to try. I’m thinking about buying from the ILGM seed bank but I want to know from simone experienced what is earlier to grow white widow autoflower or white widow. I don’t plan on buying any special lights or soil by the way. And I also want to know if it’s possible to grow in complete darkness

White widow would be the easiest, my personal opinion.

Secondly, you can’t expect to grow weed without, good soil, without light and nutrients.
So without any of these things and I sure more you won’t be growing anything. Item not being rude but your not be realistic either.

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I second that,sorry if it were that easy no one would buy anything special, there are cheap ways to have a grow but you can’t get by with nothing


3rd that ,sounds like you don’t have the slightest clue on how things grow or your being silly ,anyway if you do attempt it go for something quick and easy (short flowering cycle not WW) as you have heaps to learn.


Download the book take time and read and then decide if this is what you want to do it takes time and is a learning process…hope to hear from you after you read the grow bible

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Yes; I agree. Download our Free Grow Bible, and read it.

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Growing is a lost profound art , nothing about vegging & flowering a canabbis plant is easy nor simple . It’s a very intriguing plat to grow , and nevertheless it does not grow like weeds in the woods , it requires lots of light , the right color of lights , the right distance of lights , the right temperature , humidity , CO2 , air circulation , and most importantly the right water . If you want great plants with great results and yield of harvest , it’s going to cost you more than nickles and dimes , just my opinion !


I don’t have a reply to this, but I do have a question. I have ww that have been growing now almost a month under 150watt cfl @ 2700k. As I read daily trying to learn as much as possible my question is can I use these lights thru the entire process & be a decent yield?

well a 2700k is for flowering anyway you should start with a 6400k for grow it will work better.& yield depends on many things through out the grow ,hurt them with to much nutes or bugs fungi pulling leaves off will reduce your yield .


You will need enough light for the plant’s stages of growth. Also you do need at least both the two peak frequencies/spectra of blue and the two peak spectra of red covered in the light spectrum provided to the plants. Most lights rated with a color rating of 5000-6500 K will cover these colors and are a relatively close equivalent to the color of sunlight.

Seedlings and clones require about 400-1000 lumens per square foot.

Vegetative growth requires about a minimum of 2,000 to 3,000 lumens per square foot.

Flowering requires about 5,000 to 10,000 lumens per square foot, ideally, and can take possibly much more.

10,000 lumens is supposed to be about the average power of the sun at sea level on a clear day at high noon. 8,000 – 12,000 lumens is supposed to be about the average power of the full sun without any overcast or no clouds depending on altitude and potentially other factors.

When looking at this from an electrical usage standpoint, this means you need about 50 watts of actual electricity used by the light per square foot, no matter what type of light you use. Except old fashioned incandescent lights, even at 50 watts they won’t provide what a plant needs to stay healthy, but CFLs with the color rating mentioned above will provide a healthy balance of the light a plant needs. And of course “special” horticultural LEDs, T5s, CFLs, and HIDs at 50 watts per square foot will also provide everything a plant needs to stay healthy. If you notice, you can use half, or significantly less, the watts for veg that you would use for flower.

When growing in a container, for the most part, you can’t expect the soil to provide enough nutrients for the plant for the entire life cycle. So you will wan’t to feed it with something for most of its life, but you don’t absolutely have to buy or use specialty name brand nutrients. But you do need to provide enough of the right nutrients to be able to get your plant to yield its max potential.

Of course download and checkout the free e-book, it will help you get started no matter what you decide to get or how you decide to grow.

Hope this helps,


HPS has color rating of about 2700K. Plants can use more red than blue, and will stay healthy as long as about 20-30% of the light comes from the blue spectrum, and so this is why HPS does such a good job for growing even though it doesn’t match the ratio naturally found in sunlight. HPS still has plenty of blue and other colors or it wouldn’t look like yellow/orange-ish, but still mostly white-ish light. White light is roughly made up of equal parts of red, blue and green light.

And this is why 2700K is typically used for flowering, but flowering can be done just fine under lights that are rated 5000-6500K.


Yoshi, After reading your post I recalled a little story about a friend of mine.

Joe died a year ago. His memorial day was a few hours ago. Joe bought high quality genetics and grew several plants, “gorilla style” in the woods surrounding his farm. He did not follow ro adhere to quality grow rules. He always had a bunch of pot. It sold for 35 bucks a quarter. That was all it was worth. Had he followed expert grow advice available in today’s world; His quarters would have been worth 100 bucks or so. I miss the old coot! :frowning:

Anyway; The moral of the story is; And, I quote my great friend and mentor, Zandor; “If you go cheap, you grow cheap.” This is true. Take what you can out of this. Peace, lw

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Well I’m not trying to cut cost , I’m just trying to learn how to grow with either option , soil or hydro just for the experience and to see which would give the best results , I read tons of forums of some say soil is better , and some say water is better , but to actually know , I have to grow in both ways . If I can yield twice more in hydro with one plant , verses rotating two plants trying to finish both at the same time , I’ll save time and energy .

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Words to live by I’m not really it to sell tired of buying BS so that’s why I decided to learn to grow my own but if I can make a few bucks on my OG kush was thinking bout 60 bucks for 1/4

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Great attitude. I was just giving it to you straight, because I hate to see aspiring growers struggle by being ill informed. Happy Growing :smile:

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I like this thread…Sweeeeet !!

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Awesome , hopefully I can make it through this hydro run .

YoshiI, you will my friend you will.
I’m looking at that also will post when I decide or i’ll just get a hold of you when I’m ready.

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