Important Lighting question

hey guys im in need of some info as of right now im borrowing a 600w IPower Switchable digital ballast kit like this… and im looking at buying the same kit but in 1000w and all said and done it would cost $220 shipped to my door…but what my question is as im not 100% on digital i was also looking at a 1000w switchable Magnetic ballast and shade setup used locally for $80 that ballast looks just like the analog sun/harvest pro/ big white finned box, this is the exact setup……and im right by him and i need to know which would be better as im not a pro i just need a nice reliable setup and not 100% sold on the digital thing, PLEASE GUY what do you THINK, and this will be going into a 3ftx5 or maybe 4x5ft space…PLEASE HELP

i guess what im asking in short is Magnetic or Digital and the two examples i gave are the ones im considering, Thanks

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I’m a led guy myself so I’ll tag a few of the others in for you that I know use this style of light
@Donaldj @WillyJ @kabongster as well I believe
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The Magnetic ballasts produce double the heat and being non dimable have set intensity start to finish meaning you have to adjust light distance more often. They get damn hot compared to their digital counter part


what set of lights should I set if I have feminized and automatic plants in the tent at the same time?