Importance of Early Morning Harvest?

It’s the most wonderful time of year and like a lot of us, I’m agonizing over the details of the harvest. One thing I’ve read a couple times is that you want to take her down before sunrise and I’m wondering just how important that is? We have two days of rain coming in overnight and one of my girls is scheduled to get the chop tomorrow, so it’s either take her tonight or take her as planned tomorrow before sun up when she’ll be soaked.

So…wet harvest or nighttime harvest?

Thanks in advance!

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I do believe the reason people harvest before sunrise/lights on is because the plant hasnt had time to “wake up” and therefore all the nutrients will still be in the roots and not in the stalks, as soon as the sun comes up or lights go on, the plant automatically starts sending nutrients up through the stems. You want as little nutes in the stems as poss :ok_hand:
I hope this helps.



That was my understanding as well, to avoid the nutes in the plant. The question is, what’s the lesser of two evils? Night harvest or wet harvest? It also brings up the question of how long it takes once the sun is down for the plant to discharge the nutes, maybe a night harvest provides the same benefit as the early morning harvest.

Note that I did a flush 6 days ago and she’s only been getting rain since, so in theory, there shouldn’t be much in terms of nutes in the soil, no?


Can you bring the plant inside? Put it in darkness right away. I give mine 36 hours before harvest.

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The runoff ppms can give you an insight as to how much nutrients are still in the soil.
A rainy harvest isn’t going to matter at all if you’re planning an h2o2 rinse, and if you’re skipping the rinse just shake the branches to remove excess water then immediately hang to dry with circulating air


Harvesting one day early is gonna matter. It’s not like it gonna double in size over night


Thanks @Drinkslinger, I will be doing the wash so you raise a good point.

@Myfriendis410 bringing her inside isn’t really an option but I use a shed to hang them in which would be pretty dark


You def want to hang them in the dark. Sunlight will turn the buds brown.

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It will also degrade the THC.

Best just take it down at first light. It will be fine.


If you harvest it when wet it can cause bud rot don’t risk it. Take it down in dark before the rain or it will take longer to dry and contain to much humidity.

Growing inside I put it in the dark before harvest. Some don’t. But it is a standard process that, if you subscribe to, matters outside because that is going to be after the longest dark period they are gonna get.


Thanks for the input everyone. Here’s an update:

I took her down at 5:30 this morning in the rain. I cut her into small enough pieces to hang and was able to get back at it at 10:00 am. I would wet trim a bunch, do a wash and a wee soak, trim more while soaking, then I’d rinse and hang the buds that were soaking, with an oscillating fan on them once hung. I repeated this for the next 6 hours or so lol.

Here’s the haul, pretty happy (grinning like an idiot is more accurate). There’s two lines hung there, hard to tell in the pic, which is diagonal to try and fit it all in.

Thanks again!



Here’s my second plant, washed per your wise counsel. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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What a great looking harvest!!
That should last you a good while depending on your habit I suppose.

I am interested how you felt the h202 wash worked out?

Also I noticed a bunch are touching. Run another line and soread it out. Air flow is king here, moisture is doom. :slight_smile:

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nice harvest!


Thanks @FuzzyD!

@HighDesertFarmer the wash was smooth as can be. It didn’t pull much larger debris off but there was a definite oil slick on the surface, and they look great. Also, buds have been spread out for better flow :slight_smile:


@TALKINTOBOB when you say the wash , what is it exactly your doing?
I’m cutting mine down in the morning tomorrow and this is the first I’ve heard about a wash, like rinse the soil to lower ppm? @Covertgrower


I have Watched that video like 6 times still informative everytime

Chopped and now they are dying