IMO or just a mole…

Just had an idea I wanted to bounce. This time of year the moles go crazy around me pushing up mounds of soft dirt everywhere. I figured their push ups are a good source for IMO (indigenous micro organisms) since they are making underground highways everywhere. I figure they brush by roots and dig thru every soil layer surrounding the area. Their fur is probably loaded with microbes. I started raking the “mole soil mounds” into a bucket to cap all my raised beds. You know to sprinkle on top of the end of the season piles of leaves and branches and sh**. Do you think I am crazy?

I see piles of microbe boost instead of piles of mole dirt.


Sounds like a research project. I like the beneficial microbes.


@noddykitty1 haven’t heard from you in a while my friend

Probably something to that - it’s essentially free, fresh-tilled soil filled with the earth’s nutrients below the level where you’d ordinarily dig or till on your own. I bet the impact could be greatest if they’re mounds of dirt where cannabis used to be - as I understand it, not all microbes are created equal and there are several that are more beneficial to cannabis than others. I’d expect if you had inoculated a canna garden in the past, the bennies from the former garden are still procreating in the soil.