Immediate harvest help asap PLZ!

been literally 10 days of my harlequin drying in a lil 3x3 tent in 62-72F temps n 52-72 humidity mostly around 60,62-65%. yet idk if its done yet n im confused on how the snap test works. it went from bendy to being hard as a soft tree twig or smthng then just as of a few days ago so 7 days it was bending like bending a frozen mcdonalds straw in half but theres no crack or crunch? is it ready to trim or how much longer? im worried ab it now. the 3x3 is exhausting to outside w a inline fan on high except for today i turned it down lower. i just didnt want there to be much smell so i had it on high speed for 10 days. first grow n harvest ever btw

I go by the feel of the flowers. From what I understand is they should feel like a cotton ball found in first aid kits.

If you think it’s ready you can put them in say a Mason jar and a humidity meter so you can monitor the RH%. Once it stables between 60 to 62% you are in the sweet spot to jar them up and or say use Grove bags.


I use a moisture meter. you can get it hardware store. all u do is put the prongs in bud and if it reads between 11 and 13, you’re golden.


7-10 days should be done enough to drop in grove bag or jar with a small humidity meter. If goes over 65 can burp. If over 70 put in a paper sack a few hours and try again. Wet can dry. Overdry stops cure. Just me.

If you aren’t sure about the snap test and think it’s ready, try the smoke test!
Does it roll nicely? Does it still lit when you puff? If you can smoke a joint without having to relight it several times, it’s ready for jarring and burping!