Imicro iPhone lens - anyone used?

Before I get shot down, I use a jewellers loop currently.

Anyone used these fancy new microscope lens that attach to iPhones?

Love to hear if any good. Cheers

My issue with this isn’t the device itself but the unsteady hand holding the phone. I use an adjustable microphone stand to hold my Bluetooth digital microscope that I can position over the buds and look at on my phone. Rock solid.

Yeah I think many others will support your method. Could you send over a link of the product if possible?

I use a $20 microscope I got from Amazon. It has a stand so that shaky hands (me too) aren’t a factor.


I use this:

As mentioned you may need a way to steady your hand/phone when taking photos. I’ve never really needed better magnifying power than the 24x combined with my iPhone’s natural magnifying power.