I'm worried about heavy rains in making my soil muddy and killing oxygen to the roots

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What can I do or number of plants outside to limit odor and also I’m worried about heavy rains in making my soil muddy and killing oxygen to the roots. What can I do or set up to keep this at a minimum.? I will go every other day to check them but what can I do so this doesnt happen ?

Are they in the ground or in pots? If they are in the ground I wouldn’t really worry about it. The ground is able to absorb water really well, and shouldnt drown your plants of oxygen. If they are in pots, you can move them out of the rain if you dont feel comfortable.

Not too much info here, but I will try to help…

For the smells there are some strains that have little to no oders, also keeping them smaller helps. But, unless you stick to auto strains or spend some time to tie plants down or constantly crop them it’s hard to limit their growth in the ground.

The heavy rains I am guessing means you are trying to grow either tropical jungle grows, or heavy forested areas to hide your gorilla grow. Either location the soils there will have good water penetration, but their ph levels can be low, so test the area or dig holes and hike in soil or increase the amount of ph in the grow spot with lime. If it happens to be a swamp…well safely you need to be in plastic pots above ground. I could go on about this, but more details would be nice so I am not wasting time.

Lastly, make sure their ample sunlight that will hit your spot and or cut branches down blocking it in different spots so you get light on it for most of the day. If you do containers be careful of moisture levels in the area growing mold on them.

Lastly the areas that rain often tend cause issues in flowering it might be worth hanging clear plastic up over your grow site to limit the water that can touch the flowers. Pick strains that will grow your area first…then go through them and look for one’s that will meet your incognito requirements. Finally pick something easy to grow for beginner growers, something with alot of information on growing its strain.

Message me with more details of you need more info.