I'm using three LED lights right now just ordered HLG 100 RSpec 4000k

My plants are about 2 weeks old right now I’m using a 600 in the middle and to 300 w LEDs I just ordered aHLG 100 RSpec 4000k when should I use that and should I continue using the other LEDs while using HLG 100 RSpec I would appreciate all advice I am new my first grow


The HLG will definitely be the dominant light in the tent. If needed you can use the others as supplements, but you will probably be just fine with the HLG. And probably not at full power either!
HLG is that good.

Best of luck in your endeavors!!

I would use all the lights but run the two smallest all low light settings and youre main one higher if you where thinking abt getting anthoner light after that i would get one with cobs in them relly good for growing

Hey @Taz92590 well I’m a user of hlg 100s and can offer a little help, its a good light for one plant or a 2x2 flowering footprint. I am running 2 100s in my 2x4, here is my closet now.

As you can see they can grow bud for a 100 watt board. But 1st you are buying either a 4000k board or a rspec board, they are 2 different animals. 4k boards for vegging, with lots of blue spectrum, and the rspec board has blue and red and is considered a full spectrum board. Actually the rspec board was designed to replace the flowering 3000k boards which was mostly red for flowering. Both 4k and rspec will grow weed, one is just dialed more towards vegging.
I see it looks like you are in a 3x3 with 3 plants so the 100 which is a 100w light and not enough to light a 3x3, but for now you can hang it above the 3 in the middle of the tent, at least for a while. But after a couple weeks hang all those lights around the 100. Hlg is honest a 100 watt board is just that, a 650 is 650 w. Your 300 and 600w are not actually 600 or 300, look at paperwork that came with the light looking for true power draw and part of the draw is the fans in the lights. But no where 3 or 600 as they say. But I am saying that they also will grow weed, just not as new or efficient as hlg lighting. Holler at me anytime if you have any questions, I’ll also send you a tag to my current grow, but I will also follow this thread :smiley:

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Thank you for all the advice how would you set up all four of my lights and how high should they be from a canopy

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So here’s the thing if you check out my current grow, granted you gotta scroll to the beginning I explained watering habits, light from canopy during all phases of the grow, I jabber a lot lol. But I also control streach from the beginning to flowering so I end up with bushy plants, and keeping control so my plants don’t get over 36 inches max for my closet space. So I judge on plant stretching, these things grow so fast if treated right you can see how the light needs to be closer or further on whether your plants are reaching or stretchng, light needs to be closer. Or being short and bushy, light needs to be raised. I shoot for 3/4 of an inch to 1" between the growing leafs But heres a ball park I keep my lights about 18 inches if stretching still as low as 15 sometimes down to 12 to control some. But like I said I am in a small space and I attempt to keep plant hight as high as possible for better yield but not let them get away from me. For you I’d put your others over each of the 3 plants and the 100 in the middle, that would be alot of light, I could see 2 other lights on one side and the 100 on other side. I have a light per plant. Im in a 2x4 so I have 2x2 plants, and I have easy access because of the sliding doors, Im doing 3 this grow so can do 2x6 :smiley: I don’t know how to manage a 3x3, and I am not sure if you are growing photos or autos? Most of my autos grow as big as some of my photos, but I don’t have any control of the autos as far as when they flower, but I can manipulate with light to get bushy girls. Told you I jabber a lot lol, hope this helps, but I urge you to check out the beginning of my grow, or grows. I love growing weed, my therapy, anyway happy growing my friend :smiley:

Thank you I appreciate all the information and please jabber on lol And I will check that out in my plans aren’t autoflower I’ve been reading how to train them

How does this look to you should I put them closer they’re about 29 in from the top of plant

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Looking awesome man, you are fine for now, if they streach over next several days lower them some. Yes I prefer photos, they are more forgiving, you can veg longer for better yield. I grow bushes and only top once around 9 nodes. No training, well topping is a form of training, slowing the upwards growth causes lower branches meet up top for a even canopy. I’m following your thread and get notification when you post and will get back to you when I can, but you are off to a good start, holler if you need anything, happy growing man

Thank you I appreciate I got one question My one plant the leaves are twisting and it’s the only one added three that is doing this and it also seems to be the slowest growing one the one in the middle would you know why?

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Looks like a little stress from getting too dry before wetting root zone, there is also the burnt tips on her leafs leading me to think dry. But these single leafs often wrinkle and wave :smiley: the new growth will be fine. I don’t advise drying out too much, its a killer, roots will not live in dry soil, good luck man

My temperature is during the day are getting up to 81 for a few hours is that too hot

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No they are fine with 80s, my daughters outside grow is growing fine with 90s and 100s. One of her sativa strains doesn’t like it much, but indica strains are from desert countries :smiley:

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