Im using rain water


Hey there peps hope all are good so im using rain water can i find out wats the best ph level is at the mo i have it at 6.8 but wen i read the book it says between 6/8 is good but then i hear all sayin 5.3 to 6.5 wat to do also cause i am using soil wid clay pellets do i need to do any thing else like check some thing put some thing in, sorry rain water wid nutrients mixed up 22ltr


Morning @Shuggz… The ph of water depends on your medium… You said your in soil, IMHO your ph should be 6.5-6.8. I’m in soil, so I ideally shoot for this range… For the optimal ph, so your plant absorbs, up takes nutrients, 6.5 is optimal. Your using rainwater and I would test the ph of this water so you have an idea where your at! Good luck


Rain water ph is above 8 i have done the checks and put all nutri in and put ph down in and now i have at 6.8 so i hope is good and thanks


Wow, I would not have guessed that


Wow thats incredibly alkaline rain! Bottle that shtuff and sell it!




May I recommend you lower the pH to 6.5 that is where it needs to be. 6.8 is at the high end and the edge of locking out nutrients!


Ok thanks @bob31 i will say they do look ok but i will take dwn to 6.5


Also this one mate @Covertgrower


@Shuggz I use rain water myself, but mine is usually around 6.58. Being a new grower, I was glad I used rainwater, I was just extremely fortunate that it was the right. As long as you adjust the PH to 6.5 like @bob31 you’ll do fine. You can use city water, but you have to let it sit awhile to allow the chlorine to evaporate. That may or may not work in your area.


That is real hard water and it been cleaned a million time only the best for my babys


Hey guy i dont knw why but i jst checked my 25ltr keg the other day i had it at 6.8 but today checked again and it was 7.8 :thinking: How has this happened say in 4/5 days i think or less so i jst had to bring dwn again so now i got at 6.6 dis is good why had the ph gone up and i didnt even put more rain water in to take it up wat can you tell me any one @bob31 @Covertgrower


Rain water will change over time. That’s why it’s important to verify what the change was before using. @Shuggz


yo @Mikos we can take on this one if u like cause it is about watering wat u think and im up u runnig wat u like mate fire awy fam


it crazy hey but very good


Hiya my friend hope you got my message ok this morning anyway. I use rain water aswell at times or i mix it with tap water especially if theres not been enough rain. @Shuggz. Speak soon my friend and al tell you about my idea.