I'm Using a grow box

I’m Using a grow box
I’m growing: 3x Ak47 auto flower and 3x Jack Herer

The box is about 2’ tall
The bottom of the lights bulbs goes to about 1’ 8"

1 of my plants is tall enough to where the top is against the light bulb (causing light burn). <— Will this effect my harvest?

Because of this i have taken 1 bulb out, moved the 2 remaining bulbs as close to the middle as i can and i used rubber bands to tie my plants as close to the walls of the box as possible to prevent burning. <----- is this bad or good will this effect my grow?

In flowering stages, its Day 40 now.

Also this is my first grow.

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@Brockaveli It sounds like you have done what you need to in this box. I’m sorry I don’t have any recommendations that would be any different really.

Less light will mean less yeild, but it’s better than burnt dead and no yeild.

Is it possible to trim the fan leaves that would come in contact with the lights? They mostly look healthy so it would suck to lose them; on the other hand, if they get burnt and as damaged as it looks like some of yours have, then those leaves will require more energy than they process and contribute. Just a thought. Good luck.
P.S. dont trim them without being sure thats the best thing to do

Maybe next grow you could try growing less plants or maybe one “mainlined” plant. That way it can be trained to fit in your space. GL

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Yes, one plant well trained for the area is probably a very good idea. Or possibly one lolly popped “Popsicle” clone per site and flowered almost immediately after being put in this type of unit.

I agree, one plant would have been the limit thoughts plants are dying from over heat and under wartered.
Can you move them somewhere or build a bigger box ?
I hate to see this happen must be your first try at this.

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Just and FYI @garrigan62, if you notice, this is in a DWC tub, so the roots are constantly in water. And I think it is one of the pre made boxes, similar to, if not actually from Dealzer.

I was more into looking at the plants than the hole picture and was more concerned for the outcome of his plants. And for that size of a grow boxI would think it would be for new seedlings or clones not to grow a two foot plants.
And he siad he grows in a two foot high box and the lights hang 1’ 8" If that were true it would only leave 4" of grow space. So iem kinda confused.
I am not knocking anybody here just trying to understand what he’s trying to achieve here with such a small grow box.

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I’m not knocking ya garrigan, I was just pointing out they couldn’t be under watered in DWC. No worries. And these pre-made boxes are pretty expensive and so it’s not likely they could build a bigger box or necessarily move the plants. But those certainly are potentially good options.


I guess so, I went to the web site and saw the prices on these box and you are right when you say there are expensive
And I know you weren’t you were just pointing out what I over looked.
I wish the best for this grower. He’ll be fine with you and Latewood behind him.

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Does he have enough light with just two bulbs? Flowering 40 days the buds are really small or am I missing some thing?

The light burnt leaves are dead cut and compost them. If only wilted they might come back.