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Thanks! @Smokin_ernie & @garrigan65.
I am really trying to read as much as possible AND yes, a couple questions have been answered simply by reading. Also, I’m keeping a notebook so the knowledge gathered can be written to correspond with the timeline of the grow. However, there is SO much info that I occasionally get lost in the process of searching (even while using the search option).
I appreciate and value the time that you are giving to me.

  1. What is the sweet spot for humidity. Indoor grow.

  2. Will 3 autos fit in a 4x4x6 tent?

  3. Flushing hydro = Nothing but Ph balanced water for 2 weeks before harvest. Correct?

Again, thanks for your time :v:


No problem Like the name you must like ozzy!

As for humidity sweet spot depends on what stage you are. Seedling stage is going to your highest and flowering will be your lowest. There is a chart that people have put up.

Should have no problem for 3 plants. I did grow 6 plants in a 4x4x8 it was tight and 4 were photos.

Sorry soil guy don’t know much about hydro.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @dbrn32 @Donaldj maybe you guys have some insight.


Ima soil guy as well
Yes three autos will fit in that tent
Depends on what stage in grow you are fir humidity
Ill se wif i can find a chart for you @Fairieswear8oots


No link for the chart? I’m gonna look for that. As I said, I’m saving and writing down as much information as I can👍


There’s a chart somewhere around here for the humidity. For a seedling generally you keep them domed and 80% or above. Then I usually try to stay around 50-60% for veg and less than 50% for flower.

Three autos should be fine in 4x4 if you don’t have a lot of other stuff in there. You could probably do 4 fine.

Flush is gonna be the biggest variation of what you’ll get different opinions on. Some do straight water, some use flushing agents and sweeteners, some do two weeks, and others are less than a week on any of the above methods.


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I’m gotcha on flush👍 I can work with that. And I’ll look for that chart though your numbers make sense to me. Thanks!


Found the Humidity chart



Answer to your first question-----

So it’s important to create the right humidity level in your grow room. During the growth period, marijuana plants require a higher humidity than during the blooming period because the root system of younger plants is a lot smaller. You can start the growing process with a humidity around 70%, and then lower it by 5 each week until you reach a humidity of 40%. You measure the humidity level with a hygrometer. Later in this article there’s a schedule with the perfect humidity for indoor marijuana plants for each week and some tips for outdoor growers. But first, the relationship between humidity and temperature.

2nd is… yes

Depending on your set up and personal preferences you can flush anywhere from 1-2 weeks before harvest to as little as 3 days right before. The general consensus appears to be 1 week for hydroponic systems, 2-4 weeks for those in soil, 3 days if you’re using a flushing agent such as General Hydroponics FloraKleen or Botanicare’s Clearex, and not at all if growing organically.

Personally I would still flush, to a lesser degree, if solely running organics; because so long as there continues being food in the medium for the Microbe Army to attack they will continue providing nutrients for the plant to munch on.

If you want to base your flush off physical cues from your ladies, here are some indicators to look out for in preparation to flush:

Read your resin glands! When you start seeing that 25% or more of your glands turn from clear to cloudy/amber it’s time to get ready for flush. Side note- some strains display amber resins throughout bloom, others never do. When in doubt, look for cloudy/milky resins.


That’s it. Don’t stress about those numbers though, just do what you can to keep them close or better.


that is some great advice there,try not to over worry/over love you plants…


Great! Thank you ALL. I’m taking a deep breath and setting the mode to: chill out :sunglasses:

Once I get my seeds I’m thinking about doing a grow journal.


that would be a great idea @Fairieswear8oots


Just an FYI: I’ve never seen favoritism here nor anyone shunned because they were new. We were ALL new here once. I for one answer basic questions and alert specific people who may best answer you. If I see your post I will answer. The fact I didn’t means it’s buried along with others posting too. Keep tagging people and please don’t be upset. We all want to help!


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